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Edda Systems

Modular Air Traffic Control Training Simulators

Edda Systems is a Norway-based company that supplies eCoach air traffic control (ATC) simulators for training flight information service officers (FISO) and ATC officers.

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Edda Systems is a Norway-based company that supplies the eCoach air traffic control (ATC) simulators for training ATC officers (ATCO) and flight information service officers (FISO).

The simulator offers scalable training for ground operations, as well as tower, approach and area control.

ATC simulator lifecycle cost

eCoach is designed to provide efficient training and long-term cost-effectiveness. The system offers simulator management with e.g. minimal waiting times and remote operations support, without the need for system operators to undertake specialist training.

Simulator hardware is in use as a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product and developed in line with the latest computer and display technology. This enables simulator networks to be upgraded or expanded whenever it is required.

A number of innovative solutions are embedded in the eCoach system to provide optimal benefits to clients. These include cost-effectiveness for air navigation service providers (ANSP) and enables them to acquire one simulator system for a range of applications.

ATC and simulator functionalities

The eCoach simulator are used for all types of airport operations. Customer feedback shows that ATC and simulator functionalities provide realistic conditions and high-quality training.

Data management

ATC simulators include configuration data, e.g. simulator exercises, 2D and 3D airport models, and airspace definitions known as aeronautical information publications (AIPs). This data must be stored and managed in a controlled, safe, frequent and efficient way to ensure an optimal return on investment.

Development of eCoach and associated software focuses on ensuring the data can be frequently updated by the customer on-site without specialist staff. Alternatively, Edda Systems can carry out the work on behalf of the client according to the support agreement.

Flexibility of use

Effective and controlled management of eCoach data makes the simulator sufficiently productive to be used beyond personnel training. It can also be used for scrutiny of airport, airspace, operations, and for technical applications.

When major (re)work is planned, models of new airports or runways can be simulated before the start of the project. Airspace changes can also be simulated at any stage to provide insight into the lowest possible project risk. New operational procedures can be investigated in detail before large projects are undertaken.

With the eCoach ATC system and its simulator component separated, the solution can be used to test other operational ATC systems. The simulator can also produce data for input into new systems undergoing testing to ensure optimal operation prior to deployment.

Flexibility of size

The eCoach system is based on a client-server architecture over a local area network (LAN) using Microsoft Windows. While the initial installation comprises basic modules, it can be expanded with additional hardware or software components at any time.

Systems can be installed for area and approach control, and then later extended to include 3D tower facilities with a wide range of projectors or monitors to choose from.

Large-scale operations for multiple airports or area control centres can be carried out with a single system solution. Individual training can be performed in isolated working stations away from other activities, but still connected to the same system.

Flexibility of location

The eCoach simulator is designed for remote operation. It can be installed at a central location or spread across a number of geographical areas to suit the needs of the client. Changes to the simulator are easy to make, allowing clients to carry out seamless operations in several locations.

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