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Pallet Nets, Tie-Down Straps, and OEM Services for the Aviation Sector

GPI Forankra provides textile restraint solutions for the safe transport and handling of baggage in the air cargo industry.

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GPI Forankra provides textile restraint solutions for safe baggage transport and handling in the aviation industry.

The company offers state-of-the-art pallet nets and tie-down straps, which provide a flexible cargo handling solution. They are assembled in-house under stringent processes and quality control measures to ensure the delivery of certified products.

A number of custom solutions are also available as part of the firm’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service.

Certified cargo pallet nets for secure baggage handling

GPI Forankra has more than ten years’ experience in the development of lightweight pallet nets for aircraft.

GPI custom made tie-down straps are designed to remain secure in all conditions.
GPI develops tailor-made OEM solutions such as barrier nets and lashing systems.
GPI has European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) certifications for all types of tie-down straps.
Tailor-made luggage nets can be provided by GPI Forankra.
Other products such as stop charges also called spider nets are available.
GPI's expertise in webbing allowed the company to develop the micro-light seat belt.
Thermal blankets or fire containment covers are available from GPI Forankra.
GPI Forankra's products meet the unique requirements of the air cargo industry in terms of certification, security, performance and costs.
The firm's pallet nets are lightweight, providing economical benefits to airlines by reducing overall cargo weight.
Available pallet nets include lightweight polyester and jumbo heavy duty nets.

The firm’s R&D investments are focused on reducing weight and operating costs of cargo nets without compromising the level of safety. Its high-performance products include lightweight cargo nets developed for prorate manual cargo (PMC), PAG, PLA, PKC, and PGF.

The firm’s custom approach saves clients up to 200kg of weight per flight, as well as reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

All GPI Forankra pallet nets are tested to meet NAS 3610 and AS 36100 requirements. The company’s testing branch is also available to ensure that all adjusting hooks are engaged properly.

Extra lightweight polyester nets to secure cargo

At around 11.5kg, GPI Forankra’s extra-lightweight polyester nets are designed to meet Aerospace Standard (AS) 36100 and National Aerospace Standard (NAS) 3610 requirements in line with Technical Standard Orders (TSO) C90d certification.

Due to this low weight, they are simple-to-use and feature GPI Forankra’s slot-webbing design. Known as knotless nets, these products are also easy-to-maintain and cost-effective to repair.

Heavy duty jumbo nets for enhanced durability

The Jumbo Net range is a high-quality, extra-strong net designed for durability.

Its innovative construction provides a long product lifespan, even when working with heavy duty or large loads.

Tie-down straps for securing cargo in aircraft

GPI Forankra’s range of tie-down straps are designed to be secure, of high quality, and fully certified. Advantages include increased safety of aircraft staff and cargo.

Its portfolio includes the ETSO C-172 tie-down strap, which has a maximum elongation of less than 10%. Their tensile strength has been confirmed by a test report and a sample test plan.

The Jumbo Tie Down Strap is the largest in the range. It handles cargo up to 2,225kg and meets ISO 16049-1 standards. It is also approved by the French Aviation Authorities (DGAC).

The 3,500lbs tie-down strap is a mid-range offering that conforms to aerospace standards and meets FAR 25853 requirements. It also has a minimum breaking load of 1,500kg.

The 1,500lbs varient is the smallest in the range and has a minimum breaking load of 750kg.

Original equipment manufacturing of textile restraint solutions

GPI Forankra provides a wide range of OEM products, including webbings, seat tracks and fittings, corner lashing lines, buckles, quick-change fittings, and custom-made belly nuts.

The company stocks a number of polyester webbing in different widths, colours, and breaking strengths. Each complies with FAR 25 appendix F, and are fully approved for on-board applications.

In addition to the standard range, GPI Forankra also supplies custom dimensions, breaking strengths, or colours.

About GPI Forankra

For more than 35 years, GPI Forankra has designed, developed, and manufactured cargo restraint systems for the aerospace industry. Its products are manufactured in-house in France to ensure the highest quality control and flexibility.

Its range of products includes air cargo products, aerospace restraint systems, air cargo related products, and military products.

GPI Forankra offers cargo nets, straps, and tie-down devices to secure any type of load, cargo, or equipment for airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and air forces.

About Forankra Group

The Forankra Group offers products and customised solutions in cargo securing, lifting, and optimisation throughout the whole logistic chain.

The group has extensive knowledge and expertise in solutions such as straps, lashings, and technically advanced cargo securing systems for the transport industry.

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