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Aviation Security Advisory and Data Handling Services

Point FWD provides aviation security consultancy for airport operators, governmental organisations and equipment manufacturers.

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Point FWD helps airports adapt to the constantly changing standards of the aviation security industry by offering top-quality, optimised and personalised security screening solutions

Our services include planning and design, development guidance, assessing the connection between technological services and business operations, security equipment and operations development, as well as functional checkpoint implementation for achieving security optimisation.

The company works in collaboration with and under the employment of aviation security stakeholders such as airport companies, planners, architects, security operators, legislators and equipment manufacturers. Point FWD forms partnerships by combining up-to-date industry expertise and data-driven practices that help clients get top-quality practical results.

Security screening solution design services

With in-depth knowledge of airport security operations, Point FWD follows a holistic approach to promote the development and implementation of passenger-friendly and effective security screening services that are innovative and cost-efficient. Some of the planning and design solutions we offer include checkpoint and queue capacity modelling, floor plan studies, area demarcation and more.

Point FWD's checkpoint analysis tool incorporates available machine data for comprehensive visual illustration and performance insight.
An in-depth performance analysis tool enables comparisons between security lanes and equipment.
A checkpoint measurement tool provides in-depth analysis of checkpoint process performance.
The company's checkpoint assessment and design tool performs impact analysis of regulations and changes in security checkpoints.
The TIP compliance monitoring tool enables group and individual insight into x-ray operator performance.

These services provide answers to challenging projects such as terminal expansions (greenfield, space extensions), security equipment upgrades, as well as checkpoint relocations, reconfigurations or expansions (brownfield).

Innovation in security screening technology

Point FWD provides expertise, advice and guidance when it comes to pioneering security concepts that challenge preestablished models of security screening.

Some of the challenges faced by the aviation industry are related to large-scale projects and security studies, as well as passenger and security enhancements, which can be addressed by Point FWD services such as operational requirement definition, security process concept development, market and industry research and legislation and regulation support.

Security technology and business assessment

Point FWD partners include technology and service providers looking for help with the assessment of the connection between the products and business challenges in the aviation industry. Cases of technology and business assessment services consist of financial and operational validation, studies for new screening equipment and cross-industry technology assessment.

Inspired by a focus on highly customised service for its partners, the company supplies solutions for operational business case development, assessment of technological capacity, as well as business scenario and partner identification. These solutions are always adapted to the needs of the specific client, but they also reflect the company’s drive for operational understanding, holistic impact factoring and data analytics.

Security equipment development

Functionality is highly important in relation to security equipment and should inform the whole development process. This is why security screening technology should reflect the real-life challenges that security checkpoints need to address such as passenger and operator behaviour. Point FWD helps suppliers develop and prepare equipment for operation.

These services entail security equipment development such as hardware equipment and screening software, testing and approval through programs for screening technology to monitor and strengthen system functionality, as well as concept of operations development with focus on the human factor.

Security checkpoint equipment implementation

The company also helps security checkpoint providers implement equipment by setting the standards for its services on functional processes and design. This approach kickstarts the implementation process by taking into consideration the current situation and functional checkpoint process scenarios. Solutions are supported by trial projects and the testing of security equipment.

The smooth operation of a solution path in the context of changing key performance indicators (KPIs) is ensured by ongoing monitoring, which results in operational safeguarding. This gives clients a sense of security and the best possible optimisation of the security checkpoint technology. The company secures enhancement results by following a cyclic approach that starts with spotting bottlenecks and enhancements, which then enable experiments. The constant service and support Point FWD provides ensure direct spotting and the best optimisation results.

About Point FWD

Point FWD is at the forefront of security expertise and implementation of change in the industry. Based in Schiphol, Netherlands, Point FWD is an aviation consultancy company that works through collaboration, innovation, industry-specific knowledge and results. The company stays true to the specific needs of its customers while practising core values that inform the way the company delivers its services.

These core values revolve around three basic tenets, namely operational understanding, which is a deep knowledge of the industry complexities, a holistic approach, which allows for processing impact factors and working to achieve a balance, as well as a data-driven approach that utilises data to offer practical and applicable solutions.

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Products & services

  • Checkpoint Optimisation

    We help to define and implement continuous improvement approaches for security checkpoints. By overlooking checkpoint performance, our focus is the optimal operational situation.

  • Checkpoint Implementation

    We guide security equipment deployment by keeping integration as our key focus. This covers technology, process and at heart: people. Every change results in a new situation.

  • Equipment Development

    We make successful development of security equipment and processes possible by fitting technology capability within all complex boundaries of security checkpoints globally.

  • Security Checkpoint Design

    We use our knowledge of security operations as the basis for checkpoint (re) design programs, for disruptive security concept development and technology or business assessments.

Point FWD
Tristar 2 - 4th Floor
Stationsplein ZW 985
1117CE, Schiphol

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