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Scannable Cabin Baggage Trolleys for Airports



Exruptive has developed an innovative integrated solution to optimise the security and commercial experience of travellers in international airports.

The system offers improved security, reduced costs, enhanced passenger flows, and increased revenue and efficiency in commercial areas.

The company provides airport owners and operators with a proprietary security scanning solution for cabin baggage, as well as chargeable, scanner-compatible, context-aware airport shopping trolleys, which offer an integrated touchscreen platform for personalised traveller interaction, way-finding and commercial data acquisition.

Exruptive's scannable cabin baggage trolleys can be used to expedite security screening processes at airports.
The trolleys feature an integrated touchscreen that offers wayfinding capabilities as well as flight and airport information for passengers.
Exruptive's scannable baggage trolleys are designed to meet future security requirements and create a stress-free screening process for passengers.
The company's scanner solution offers improved detection capabilities with reduced false alarm rates and removes the need to unpack electronics and liquids from cabin baggage.
An outline of the faster security procedure enabled by Exruptive's scannable trolleys, which allow the passenger to prepare themselves before the security line.

Uniquely positioned in the market, Exruptive combines state-of-the-art multispectral fixed gantry CT scanning technology and imaging algorithms with deep insights into passenger flows, perceptions, behavioural patterns and cultural differences, allowing the company to become a true end-to-end partner to its customers.

X-ray technology and scannable cabin baggage trolleys

Exruptive’s next-generation X-ray technology provides improved detection capabilities at lower false alarm rates and allows passengers to keep all electronics and liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) inside their carry-on bags, so they no longer need to unpack their contents into trays.

To reap the full benefits of this advanced technology, the company offers scannable cabin baggage trolleys that allow passengers to proceed at their own pace. The context-aware trolleys feature an integrated touchscreen platform for personalised passenger interaction and real-time wayfinding within the airport.

The combination of this communication platform and an embedded airport management and business intelligence system allows the aviation industry to identify passengers and their location in the airport, increase advertising and commercial revenues from airport shopping areas, as well as enhance the efficiency of airport services.

Airport scanner systems meeting security requirements and regulations

Exruptive’s X-ray scanners accommodate future regulatory requirements and help mitigate a range of issues, such as rising security costs allocated to airlines, increased hassle and anxiety for passengers, missed connections and delayed flights.

Retail-orientated scanning solutions

As airports shift towards a business-to-consumer model to fund their operation and expansion, Exruptive’s solutions fulfil a growing need to focus on advertising, commercial revenues and business intelligence, all of which require new ways of connecting and communicating with passengers.

Baggage scanner for streamlining airport services

Exruptive’s scanning systems provide passengers with increased choice, in order to help create a stress-free air travel experience from check-in to boarding.

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