Osprey CSL is a leading provider of technical support to aviation clients around the world. Our team brings genuine experience in a full spectrum of areas, including ATC system procurement, Safety Management, Airspace Management and Technical Safeguarding (including managing Wind Farm impact).

Procurement and integration of ATC systems

We have vast experience in the specification, procurement and integration of ATC systems. This capability includes:

  • Technical and Operational specification;
  • Development of tender documents;
  • Management of tender processes (OJEU);
  • Assessment of tenders and procurement route recommendations;
  • Flight Trial specification and management;
  • Required changes to ATC and Airport documents (SMS, MATS Part 2);
  • Regulatory approval, including Safety Case and Interoperability submissions.

We have helped procure and integrate many systems, including:

  • Communications: VCCS, airfield communication systems;
  • Navigation: ILS, MLS, VOR, DME, TACAN, DF, NDB;
  • Surveillance: Primary Surveillance Radar, Secondary Surveillance Radar, Wide Area Multilateration.

Airspace Management

Osprey has a strong core of operation-experienced staff. We are able to help our clients assess current and future airspace requirements in a logical and user-focused way.

Air Traffic Control procurement and interaction.
Assess current and future airspace requirements in a logical and user-focused way.
Wind farms which are close to sensitive ATC areas can cause problems.

We can help you in the following areas:

  • Gap analysis of airspace needs;
  • Management of the Airspace Change Proposal process;
  • Implementation of new Instrument Approach Procedures (PRNAV, PBN, LPV/APV);
  • Development of Safety Cases for Airspace Changes.

Vast experience with Safety Management

We can comprehensively meet all of your regulatory requirements. We see this as a specialist area within the Company and this is reflected in the experience of our staff. We have developed a very strong reputation for the quality of our Safety Cases and are particularly skilled at gaining ‘first of type’ approvals.

Our experience includes:

  • Safety Cases;
  • Safety Management Systems;
  • Safety Audits (Annual and Pre-Regulatory Inspections);
  • Safety Programme Management;
  • Safety Programme Plans;
  • Functional Hazard Analysis;
  • Preliminary System Safety Analysis;
  • System Safety Analysis;
  • Fault Tree Analysis;
  • Event Tree Analysis;
  • Field Data Analysis and Investigation;
  • Hazard Logs.

Technical Safeguarding and Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are visible to radar and, when positioned in close proximity to sensitive ATC areas, they can cause a safety problem for ANSPs and Airport Operators. Osprey is a leading company in the evaluation and mitigation of such impact.

We have been at the forefront of the development of cutting-edge mitigation technologies, which have included writing Safety Cases, and have provided technical advisory assistance to the UK Government on the subject. Analysis is carried out by experienced Air Traffic Controllers who understand the impact and what may or may not be tolerable.

Our skills include:

  • Aviation Impact Assessment;
  • Mitigation Analysis;
  • Requirements Development;
  • System Safety Cases;
  • Wind Farm Safeguarding Training.

Pragmatic approach for all clients

At Osprey we value pragmatism. We do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach or to the stubborn application of standard methodologies. Instead, we try to understand our clients’ needs in terms of their own processes and the expectation of the relevant regulator and other key stakeholders.

If the project is a modification to an established system where the risks are well understood, we will adopt a simple process. If the project is blue-sky, we will adopt a formal output-oriented approach and draw on best practice.

Company profile

Osprey was founded, in 2006, and operates on the following principles:

  1. Our relationship with you is our primary concern;
  2. Every contract is an opportunity to forge a long-term working relationship;
  3. We will always aim to exceed your expectations;
  4. We will do a good job at a decent price;
  5. We will deliver according to your requirements;
  6. Our reports will offer practical recommendations that will improve your business;
  7. We will not ‘boiler plate’ work, nor will we apply processes on a one-size-fits-all basis. Each project is unique and will be executed accordingly;
  8. We will continue to grow the company but will not sacrifice our beliefs in the interest of growth. Osprey is a market leader due to the qualities of its staff; we will never dilute that expertise;

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help make your business more successful. Please use the form below to send us your business enquiry and we will respond straightaway.