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Sirena designs, engineers and manufactures signalling devices for aviation applications.

From industrial signalling devices to evacuation systems, through aircraft warning lights and automation devices, the company’s expertise provides customers with high-quality signalling devices.

LED aircraft warning lights

ICARO is Sirena’s range of aircraft warning lights. Engineered entirely around an LED base, the series’ low, medium and high-intensity devices represent one of the best products available in the today’s market. High-performance, easy installation and virtually maintenance-free, ICARO allows clients and installers to add considerable value to their projects.

Sirena specialises in the manufacture of LED-based signalling devices.
The company’s low-intensity warning lighting is suitable for everyday aviation operations.
ICARO medium-intensity lighting is suitable for structures between 45m and 150m in height.
Sirena’s medium-intensity lighting complies with ICAO Type A, B, C, and FAA L-864, L-865 and L-866 regulations.
The company’s high-intensity lighting emits a light measuring up to 200,000 candelas.
ICARO high-intensity lighting is suitable for demanding aviation applications.
Sirena’s control units facilitate the operation of the company’s ICARO lighting devices.

Devices are certified by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and compliant to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as CE marked.

High-intensity aircraft warning lights

ICARO high-intensity aircraft warning lights are compliant with ICAO Type A, B, and FAA L-856 and L-857 regulations.

These devices are 100% LED based and emit a white light with a maximum intensity of 200,000 candelas (cd), making them suitable for demanding applications.

High-intensity devices are typically installed on structures more than 150m, and can also be used for low-visibility marking.

Multipurpose, medium-intensity warning lighting

Sirena’s medium-intensity aircraft warning lights comply with ICAO Type A, B, C, and FAA L-864, L-865 and L-866 certifications.

These lighting solutions are 100% LED-based and provide a white/red light with a maximum intensity of 20,000cd.

Suitable for structures between 45m and 150m-high, ICARO medium-intensity devices are ideal for day and night marking.

Low-intensity aircraft signalling solutions

Sirena’s 100% LED-based, low-intensity aircraft warning lights meet ICARO Type A, B and FAA L-810 standards.

They transmit a red light with a minimum intensity of 32cd, which satisfies the requirements of everyday aviation applications.

Low-intensity devices can be installed on structures shorter than 45m and as intermediate devices on taller structures for marking applications at night.

Central control units for signalling systems

Sirena supplies a comprehensive range of central control units, which are compatible with all ICARO warning light solutions.

The control unit simplifies key operation activities such as activation, control of potential anomalies, as well as possible maintenance procedures.

The number of control units required depends on the intensity of the applied lighting unit, for example:

  • Low-intensity: can be controlled with a single unit
  • Medium-intensity: may require one single unit to control the whole system, according to the installation scenario
  • High-intensity: usually require a dedicated control unit in any installation scenario where each control unit only controls one device

An installation with multiple high-intensity devices on the same structure is subjected to a related technical process. This is to evaluate if additional control units, connected in a network, are required (1:1 ratio), or if it is possible to create a specialised single control unit for all the beacons involved.

About Sirena

With 40 years of industry-related knowledge and a presence in more than 60 countries worldwide, Sirena advises clients to determine the appropriate and most cost-efficient solutions for their projects.

The company is ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified.