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Hassle-Free Baggage Handling Systems

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QuinTech removes the hassles in your baggage handling operations and processes. Common hassles include long queues at the check-in counter, operators required to manually load and unload baggage as well as delayed and lost baggage. In addition, the fierce competition and rising costs in the air travel industry mean that airports and airlines are confronted with falling margins and increased customer demands. As such, the challenge for airports and airlines is to continuously improve quality while reducing operating costs.

QuinTech can help achieve these goals by offering solutions that result in less delayed and lost baggage, reduced baggage handling costs, improved labour conditions, and minimised energy consumption – an overall hassle-free baggage handling process.

Jam-reduction system for baggage handling equipment

BagCheck assesses the risk associated with a specific item of baggage regarding its conveyability: non-conveyable bags can lead to jams in the automated handling system and disruption to the flow of baggage. Jams result in downtime, can damage the bag or system and ultimately result in an increased number of delayed (or mishandled) items of baggage.

BagCheck automates decision-making on ‘conveyability’ with greater consistency than human operators can, and thereby prevents up to 40% of potential bag jams. QuinTech has developed the ‘conveyability check technology’ based upon 3D vision in co-operation with Vanderlande Industries.

Lost-baggage vision identification system

Baggage losing its barcode/RFID label during the flight or handling process at the apron invariably leads to delayed baggage and in some cases to ‘lost baggage.’ The BagCheck system from QuinTech prevents this. It takes photographs of all baggage on an aircraft, and by comparing these pictures with the actual ‘lost baggage’, any item can be quickly and definitively identified.

Huge costs savings are achieved through a vast reduction in compensation expenses and a significant increase in operator effectiveness, and passenger satisfaction levels are also improved.

Delayed-baggage reduction programme

The costs involved with delayed and lost baggage are immense for both airlines and airports, amounting to roughly €1 to €2 per passenger.

QuinTech offers a ‘Delayed Baggage Reduction Programme’ to airports and airlines. The greatest benefits are achieved when the two parties work together. Unnecessary delays on the apron, during transport and in the baggage handling system are identified and solutions are implemented. The end result is a significant cost saving for airlines as well as airports.

Energy-efficient and CO2-reducing baggage handling systems

Most baggage handling systems are designed for operational availability and robustness. Today, however, the focus on energy saving and CO2 emission reduction has become much greater.

QuinTech offers a Green Quick Scan to airports in order to assess the potential CO2 emission reduction and return on investment (ROI) for each energy-saving measure they wish to implement. Our results have shown that we can identify devices that can reduce CO2 emission reduction by 30% and that achieve an ROI ranging from one to two years.

This also helps extend the lifecycle of your baggage handling system and will reduce maintenance costs significantly.

Consultancy for hassle-free baggage handling

Every airport and airline is unique and is facing specific challenges. Some have more demanding labour regulations to cope with, others have to deal with highly fluctuating demand throughout the day.

QuinTech is specialised in baggage handling and through our creative approach numerous successful innovations have already been completed for major airports and airlines including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, London Heathrow T5 and KLM.

Goals of those studies included peak-shaving at unloading quays, reduction of total cost per bag, apron optimisation, mechanical (un)loading of baggage, and off-site baggage drop-off.

We are driven by a passion for innovation: our creative minds, fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking helps airports gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

QuinTech Identifies 50% CO2 Reduction Potential at Eindhoven Airport

QuinTech and Vanderlande Industries jointly performed a Green Quick Scan of the automated baggage handling system at Eindhoven Airport with the aim of mapping energy consumption and identify potential energy-saving measures. The analysis showed that there is much room for improvement and that a c

Baggage Handling Goes Green

Energy of airport baggage handling systems is wasted by idly running luggage belts, non-optimal logistical processes and inefficient equipment. QuinTech, a Delft University of Technology spin-off company, ran a Green Quick Scan on Rotterdam The Hague Airport and found 30% energy reductions fo

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