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Business and Technological Development Services for the Aviation Industry

NATS is one of the aviation industries leaders in business and technological development, offering wide ranging expertise and innovative services to meet the ongoing challenges of airports, airlines, governments and ANSPs.

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NATS is one of the aviation industries leaders in business and technological development, offering wide ranging expertise and innovative services to meet the ongoing challenges of airports, airlines, governments and ANSPs.

NATS services are proven in the world’s most complex airspace and NATS provides its global customers with a valuable commercial focus. Backed by the substantial resources of the organisation, NATS is constantly seeking innovative ways to manage every aspect of air traffic, helping its customers perform and grow with maximum safety and efficiency. The company’s innovative solutions help organisations perform at the very highest level.

Optimisation and capacity enhancements for airport runways

NATS offers world-leading airport optimisation and capacity enhancements. It improves operational capability through the experience and knowledge it has gained from the busiest runways in the world.

Terminal and airspace customer service, efficiency and assurance

Combining people and procedures with cutting-edge technology in the en route terminal and airspace environment, NATS provides airspace users with unparalleled customer service, environmental efficiency and customer assurance.

There are 1,300 flights managed at Heathrow per day: moving 90 aircraft per hour during the operating day Heathrow is the most intensively utilised airport in Europe.
Heathrow airport control tower: NATS completed the procurement, installation and commissioning of all ATC systems associated with the tower.
One million flights handled in FY2010/11: responsible for the London Terminal airspace NATS handles traffic flying to or from London’s five airports in the most complex, high intensity piece of airspace in the world.

Efficiency, optimisation and capability consultancy services

NATS offers efficiency, optimisation and capability consultancy services for whatever the challenge might be. NATS also supports airports, airlines, governments and ANSPs in improvement programmes across the whole aviation sector.

Integrating technology and airport operations

NATS seamlessly and safely integrates technology into its operations across the globe. NATS’ experience and expertise ensures that the integration and transition of new systems into airport operations provide the regulatory compliance, performance enhancement and cost efficiencies that a customer may require without impacting upon the operational performance.

Data services for airport and airline operations

NATS provides high-quality dynamic data services optimising airport and airline operations. It unlocks the value of data and delivers the next generation of customer services.

Airspace usage, technology sharing and operational innovation

NATS offers joint solutions to improve airspace usage, technology sharing and operational innovation by encouraging partnerships between civil and military authorities. It supports and optimises military operations by sharing costs and expertise.

About NATS

Since it’s formation in 1962, NATS has acted as a pioneer of air traffic control. A progressive approach has established NATS at the forefront of the industry, leading evaluation to increase safety and efficiency as it moves into more technologically-driven times.

In 2001 the public-private partnership became effective for NATS. This saw the company undertake a journey as NATS evolved to best serve its customers: the UK regulator CAA and its UK airport owners. The part privatisation provided NATS with the opportunity to deliver even greater service levels in a number of essential areas, including:

  • Improved safety: zero serious safety incidents attributable to NATS in four of the past ten years
  • Reduced delays: NATS en route attributable delays have reduced from around two minutes average delay per flight to just 4.3 seconds over the last two years
  • Reduced ATM related aircraft CO2 emissions: In 2010 / 2011 we reduced customers CO2 emissions by 38,000t. This is the equivalent of 12,000t of fuel, worth £7.5m at current prices
  • Helped bring Single European Sky within reach: in 2008 NATS were the first in Europe to establish a working functional airspace block (FAB) with Irish counterparts
  • Invested more than £1bn in new technology and infrastructure: this is helping to improve safety, service, efficiency and productivity

Since then NATS has expanded its operations internationally, providing innovative solutions that answer their customers’ toughest challenges at a time where cost as well as performance have never been more critical.

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