Since its foundation in 1984, Roger Wilde has been an industry leader in glass installation. We were pioneers in the field of structural glass block work, utilising advanced technology to expand our company throughout the UK. Operating internationally, Roger Wilde is now a recognised name in the field of quality glass flooring.


We have developed the Liteflam fireproof glass floor system, suitable for both domestic and commercial application. This contemporary flooring allows natural light to flood any building, comprising an eye-catching yet practical feature for any area. This system lightens gloomy spaces, whilst maintaining a role as a sturdy construction material.


Sleek and hardwearing, Liteflam double glazed panels maximise the impact and availability of light throughout the building with dramatic effects. This system takes its inspiration from the world of commercial architecture and interior design. Utilising the very latest developments in glazing technology, the system offers fire resistance and durability.

We can customise Liteflam panels to fit specific spaces, and they can be fitted within just a few hours, becoming an integral part of a building or floor and safe to walk on.

An SVL floor at Cakeboy, Battersea, London.
The glass floor at the Bay Street development in Malta.
The glass block <i>fa&ccedil;ade</i> of Next in Exeter, the United Kingdom.
The fire-rated glass floor at Pall Mall, London.
SVL wall panelling at Oliver Goldsmith School, Peckham, London.


We recognise that the incorporation of light into a building design is a fundamental concept of architecture. Strong, safe and transparent, Roger Wilde’s Litefloor glass flooring system allows increased design flexibility. Our Litefloor team will work with our clients throughout the entire flooring process, from technical advice at the design stage, through to a complete specialist installation service.


All glass is certified to the relevant safety standard, and project-specific loadings can be accommodated when specified at the design stage. The interlayers of the glass are highly tear-resistant, ensuring the structural integrity of the complete unit. The Litefloor glass flooring system can be used both internally and externally. It has a special anti-slip coating, and typical applications include walkways, bridges and stairs.


Advantages of Litefloor include:

  • Factory-production by world-leading glass manufacturers
  • Heat-treatment testing
  • Technical design assistance
  • Improved slip resistance
  • Complete flexibility of colours, patterns and thickness

Working closely with our supply partners, Eckelt Glas/Saint Gobain, we have over 300 installations in our portfolio. Projects range from major public developments through to small domestic and private installations.


We have over 20 years’ experience in glass block installation and are prepared to take on any challenge, from domestic installations to the toughest of commercial challenges. Some of our high-profile projects include the new Terminal 5 building and the Compass Centre at Heathrow Airport, the Inland Revenue Building in Nottingham, the Ashford International Channel Tunnel terminal, the Newcastle Centre for Life, John Ormond House in Milton Keynes, the Saga Headquarters in Folkestone, and many more


We are also the authorised sole UK agent and distributer of wooden panels and flooring that utilise Oregon SVL™ a unique vertically laminated Oregon pine with improved stability over natural timber or other engineered wooden flooring.
This system is suitable for use in the home, office or public areas. Treadfast, resistant and stable, this flooring is also ideal for application over floor heating systems.

Our panels are aesthetic in shape and colour, ecologically sensible and elegant. Our Oregon pine flooring can be lacquered, oiled or waxed to meet customer specification.