Nuctech is a leading global security inspection and detection solutions provider within the airport industry.

Powered by a commitment to innovation and customisation to meet the unique requirements of each customer, Nuctech is a trusted security partner in more than 160 countries and regions and over 400 airports worldwide. From a global network of factories and dedicated service teams, Nuctech’s solutions are optimised to detect explosives, narcotics, weapons, and other threats to commercial aviation.

Integrated checkpoint screening for safe and healthy travel

The Covid-19 pandemic has evolved the meaning of checkpoint security screening. In addition to explosives, weapons and contraband, health and wellness checks will continue to become the new normal as airports and airlines recover from the crisis. Helping the industry recover while ensuring safe and healthy travel, Nuctech has engineered a series of solutions in the fight against Covid-19.

The FeverBlock contactless temperature measurement system leverages advanced infrared technology to accurately deliver the temperature of up to eight people simultaneously and 200 per minute. A self-disinfecting public quarantine room, the WeSpace system is a fully relocatable, enclosed space to isolate individuals suspected of infection.

For new and existing systems, Nuctech’s UVC Disinfection Module is optimised for cleaning trays at security checkpoints. This new solution delivers high doses of UVC light and eliminates more than 99% of bacteria found on checkpoint trays.

Tested and reliable airport detection solutions

Nuctech’s advanced detection technologies have created reliable solutions for airports, including carry-on and hold baggage screening and body scanning. Nuctech’s explosives trace detection (ETD), computed tomography (CT), and X-ray technologies have been tested to and achieved the highest standards of European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).

The XT product family of hold baggage explosives detection systems (EDS) contains both in-line and standalone operation modes to meet the operational and capacity needs of all sizes of airports. Complying with ECAC Standard 3.1, EDS XT2100HS can screen approximately 1,800 bags per hour in high-speed configuration. When requested by the airport, Nuctech can integrate advanced dual-view X-ray technology with XT2100HS to provide additional imaging capabilities. The compact XT2080AD can operate in both standalone and in-line modes and is designed for airports to enhance hold baggage screening capabilities while planning for future regulatory mandates and growth.

At the checkpoint, Kylin Ti explosive detection system for cabin baggage (EDSCB) integrates Nuctech’s patent CT technology with dual-energy material discrimination. After achieving ECAC Standard C3, passengers are no longer required to remove liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) or electronics from their carry-on bag when being screened by Kylin Ti.

The high-throughput, field-proven body screening system, Nuctech’s MW1000AA, leverages non-ionizing millimeter wave (MMW) technology to automatically detect concealed objects hidden inside or underneath clothing. Currently meeting ECAC Security Scanners (SSc) Standard 2, MW1000AA is designed to screen passengers and employees quickly, accurately and noninvasively.

Nuctech’s TR2000DC desktop ETD system complies with ECAC passenger and cargo screening standards. As a result, TR2000DC can seamlessly integrate into all checkpoints to detect traces of explosives on skin, clothing, bags and packages.

Multi-layered air cargo screening systems

With air cargo traffic and regulatory mandates increasing and, in some cases, differing by airport, Nuctech’s full range of CX family X-ray system tunnel sizes and application modes screen everything from break bulk and palletised cargo to an entire ULD accurately and reliably.

In addition, multi-layered solutions combining X-ray with an XT2100HS EDS and/or TR2000DC ETD system and machine learning help air cargo carriers stay one-step ahead of potential threats and mandates.

Comprehensive landside security programmes

Complex operational challenges combined with high-profile security events targeting airport entrances, lobbies, and perimeters have increased industry calls for comprehensive landslide security programs and regulations.

Collaborating with customers, Nuctech develops solutions that integrate with existing infrastructure and focus on the most sensitive landside areas, including passenger and staff entrances, vehicle checkpoints, air cargo, materials deliveries and the perimeter.

In addition to X-ray systems, body scanners and ETD, Nuctech’s comprehensive landside security solution includes sensors to detect breaches in perimeter fencing and vehicle inspection systems for both passenger and air cargo traffic.

To facilitate increased air cargo traffic, Nuctech’s MR6000DE cargo vehicle inspection system adopts intelligent wheel driving technology and foldable structure design to enable rapid deployment and relocation. Operational in either drive through or standard mode, MR6000DE detects contraband and other threats concealed in cargo containers destined for the airport.

Global service and manufacturing

Nuctech has established more than 20 subsidiaries or branches and hundreds of service points all over the world with global staff working together to deliver reliable solutions and rapid response and preventive maintenance services to our customers.

Strategically located to ensure mature supply chains, Nuctech’s manufacturing facilities in China, Poland, and Brazil have established the proven capacity to meet the requirements of our worldwide customer base.