Quintiq provides advanced planning and scheduling software that supports airports, airlines and related organizations to optimize resource utilization, improve staff productivity and reduce operational costs. Deloitte and industry analyst Gartner have recognized the company’s fast growth and innovative products, which are currently used by Brussels Airport, Transavia, KLM Catering Services, DFS and NAV CANADA.

Quintiq offers aviation solutions for a variety of planning issues, including:

  • Airports: gate and stand planning, check-in desk planning, ground handling services, ground crew scheduling and rostering
  • Airlines: pairing, rostering, crew scheduling, fleet management and fleet maintenance
  • Air traffic control: strategic capacity planning, rostering, employee scheduling and break planning

The Quintiq planning platform offers a fully integrated solution for strategic and tactical planning, operational scheduling and real-time dispatching to enable airports and airlines to optimize their key resources within the dynamic environment of the aviation industry. Multiple planning issues, like resource allocation and crew assignment can be integrated in a single solution.

Airport-resource optimal utilization software

Quintiq APS software supports a single integrated solution that covers multiple planning issues, across multiple planning horizons; the main benefit is improved workforce and resource utilization.
Quintiq supports scenario-based long term planning and mid-term shift and roster planning that can take into account personal preferences.
For assigning arrivals and departures to stands, the planner gets decision support via scores and colors indicating suitability.
Shifts are created based on required capacity and assigned from the shift bank to employees; the system supports visualization of coverage, under coverage, over coverage and unassigned shifts.
This view shows the assignment of the aircraft, demonstrating how the system provides full support.

Quintiq software is designed to support the optimal assignment of gates, stands, check-in desks and other airport resources through all planning stages, including long-term capacity decision-making, resource scheduling and last-minute revisions.

The software takes into account all applicable rules and constraints, such as arrival patterns, and airline and handler rules and preferences.

Benefits include:

  • Fewer flight delays and last-minute gate changes, meaning improved customer service
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Increased flexibility – quick and easy reassignment of gates to respond to last minute changes and disturbances
  • Optimum usage of prime gates and stands

Staff planning and scheduling software

Optimize the productivity of ground crew and utilization of resources while taking into consideration all constraints, specific labor rules, individual contracts, employee skills and preferences.

Benefits include efficient utilization of personnel; increased employee satisfaction as preferences are taken into account; support for the deployment planning process, including absence planning, shift and roster planning, and task allocation; support for planners on all levels as all legal restrictions are displayed in the system; and company-wide transparency as the consequences of planning modifications are immediate clear to all planners.

Airline crew scheduling software

The Quintiq software encompasses a fully integrated solution for strategic and tactical planning, operational scheduling and real-time event management. It supports the planning of cockpit crews and flight staff, including all aspects of scenario building, pairing, roster and shift planning, deployment planning and dispatching taking into account skill sets, licenses, training requirements and preferential bidding mechanisms.

Benefits of Quintiq’s airline crew scheduling software include:

  • Reduced labor cost
  • Higher employee satisfaction – preferences are taken into account
  • Increased flexibility – confidently respond to schedule changes and absences
  • Support for planners on all levels – all regulatory requirements and employee preferences are displayed in the system
  • Company-wide transparency – the consequences of planning modifications are immediately clear to all planners

Aircraft fleet management and maintenance software

Optimize aircraft utilization, operational efficiency and flexibility by handling all aspects of fleet planning across multiple planning horizons. Determine adequate capacity based on what-if scenarios. Assign correct aircraft type to each flight and synchronize maintenance planning to the flight schedule to improve interval usage.

Benefits of our aircraft fleet management and maintenance software includes:

  • Higher profitability – shorter ground times, higher aircraft utilization and lower fuel and transportation costs reduce operational costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction – due to fewer flight cancellations and delays
  • Increased flexibility – respond confidently to last-minute changes and disturbances
  • Company-wide transparency – the consequences of planning modifications are immediately clear to all planners

Planning and scheduling software for air traffic controllers

Quintiq software supports comprehensive workforce planning and optimization of air traffic controllers and other ANSP staff. The solution can provide strategic planning – yearly match of capacities and fitting them to flight schedule (scenario-based); tactical planning – leave / absence planning, composition of individual training plans, generation of optimal shift plan and shift assignment (based on preferences); operational planning – day-to-day task planning based on sector qualifications and experience; and dispatching – working position allocation, break scheduling, signaling (constraint-based) and revision.

Benefits of this software include:

  • Increased employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Efficient personnel utilization
  • Significant cost savings and reduced overtime expenditure
  • Company-wide transparency