The IBS Group (IBS) is a global provider of IT solutions to the travel, transportation and logistics (TTL) industry. IBS offers products and services that manage mission-critical operations of major airlines, airports, oil and gas companies, seaports, cruise lines, and tour operators worldwide.

Services we provide include technology consulting, product development, data warehousing, business intelligence, application development, re-engineering and maintenance. IBS is SEI CMMI level five and PCMM level five assessed, and ISO 9001:2000, TickIT and ISO 27001:2005 certified.

AIRES™ – passenger services system

Built on new generation technologies, aiRES supports core airline operations including passenger reservations, inventory control, fares, ticketing, check-in, baggage control and flight control. aiRES takes advantage of new technological features like parameterisation, modularity, scalability and extensibility capabilities. Developed by IBS, aiRES is marketed by Travelport.

aiRES’ versions include aiRES Essential, which supports low-cost business models; aiRES Elite, which caters to new generation carriers; and aiRES Eclipse, for full service carriers.

IBS products are designed to help airlines reduce costs, improve service quality and improve revenues and profitability - whilst spending less on the systems which facilitate this.
IBS solutions like Avient Velocity, Take-Off and Approach offer the key to managing airport operations easily and cost-effectively.
IBS solutions like iCargo and iCargoLite give a definitive edge to the business operations of cargo carrying airlines.
IBS specialises in the development of large and complex applications using the latest platforms and technologies.
Innovative IT solutions which stand testimony to IBS' credibility and foresight.

iCargo – cargo management system

An integrated, multi-hosting, next-generation cargo management system supporting the needs of the entire cargo / freight logistics chain from shipper to consignee, iCargo addresses cargo reservations, capacity control, ratings, load planning, cargo revenue accounting, cargo terminal operations and freight-forwarding requirements. It is modular, which makes for ease of adaptation to existing systems and functionality, ease of introduction of new functionality, and ease of maintenance.

iCargo was developed in collaboration with a core group of influence – South African Airways Cargo, Gulf Air, Air New Zealand Cargo, Qantas Freight and Australian Air Express – which validates the employment of industry-best practices in the product. Nippon Cargo Airlines is the launch customer for iCargo.

iFly – staff travel management system for airlines

iFly is a web-based solution for managing the leisure travel and duty travel requirements of airline staff and dependants, and staff of associated companies located worldwide. The system supports generic interfaces to the airlines’ reservation, HR and payroll systems.

Developed in collaboration with several airlines, iFly incorporates best practices drawn from an understanding of staff travel policies.

iFly helps airlines offer its employees a flexible, easy-to-use tool and a self-serviced environment for their travel needs. It improves the value chains of airlines by means of reduced costs, improved productivity, and high levels of staff morale and motivation. Air New Zealand and South African Airways currently use iFly.

There are also two specialised iFly versions: iFly Staff handles staff leisure travel, managing travel rules and interline agreements, whilst iFly Corporate enables an airline’s corporate clients to directly create bookings on the airline’s reservation system.

iCargolite – airline cargo management solution

iCargoLite is an integrated, web-based IT solution for managing cargo operations of small and medium sized airlines and freight forwarding service providers. It supports the entire cargo-handling cycle from shipment acceptance to customer billing, automating the functions of air waybill data capture, flight planning, manifesting, shipment arrival, delivery, billing, invoicing and real-time shipment tracking.

iCargoLite can replace multiple legacy or manual systems, helping airlines efficiently optimise their business functions. Cargo Jet, Northern Air Cargo and Avient Airlines use iCargoLite.

Avient Velocity

A set of flight operations solutions that helps in the management of resources for both emerging and established airlines, this offering provides three solutions that manage aircraft and crew resources from tactical planning to the day of operation.

Avient Take-Off

Avient Take-Off is a set of two solutions that facilitates integrated management of both flight operations, and cargo reservations and ground operations, for small to medium-sized airlines.

Avient Approach

Avient Approach comprises two solutions that enable airport operators to manage their key resources, provide flexible services to their airline customers and maximise their passenger revenue.

iLoyal – loyalty management system

iLoyal comprises an advanced CRM system designed to help airlines enhance customer loyalty, improve customer service quality and expand business operations efficiently whilst spending less on systems. iLoyal caters to the loyalty domain with two solutions, iLoyal FFP and iLoyal CRM.

LINX effective and logical workflows

Designed to manage the special service request offered by charter airlines, LINX follows best practices, ensuring effective and logical workflows with proven functionality developed in co-operation with industry-specific business scenarios and user requirements.