PosiCharge is a leading provider of electric ground support equipment (GSE) chargers, which are currently being used by the global aviation industry, as well as the US Air Force.

Reliable, weather-resistant GSE chargers

The PosiCharge SVS, DVS and MVS product lines help optimise and maintain GSE operations.

Airports and airlines depend on PosiCharge electric GSE chargers for consistent reliability. The chargers operate reliably in some of the world’s most extreme environments, ranging from Alaska, US, to Afghanistan.

PosiCharge’s solutions meet GSE charging requirements, regardless of type, size, voltage or battery brand.

The chargers are designed with the safety of employees and equipment in mind, as well as feature advanced safety features and technology to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

SVS100: Compact chargers for light-duty electric GSE applications

The compact PosiCharge SVS100 electric GSE charger is suitable for light-duty, fast-charging applications in small cargo warehouses, general aviation (GA) and fixed-base operator (FBO) airports, and regional jet operations.

The outdoor-rated SVS100 is equipped with advanced safety features and battery management capabilities, and can withstand adverse weather conditions. With up to 10kW of power in a single port, it is suitable for baggage tractors and belt loaders.

DVS 300 / 330 / 400: Outdoor GSE chargers for airport vehicle fleets

The PosiCharge DVS outdoor fast charger is suitable for small or remote fleets with heavy-duty applications. Capable of charging one or two vehicles, the DVS features battery management, advanced safety tools and a rugged design.

With the DVS line of PosiCharge electric GSE chargers, clients can charge one vehicle with up to 500A or two vehicles simultaneously at 250A. PosiCharge chargers use a unique technology that controls both temperature compensation and foldback to provide an added layer of safety to fast-charging.

MVS400 / MVS800: GSE chargers for tow tugs, baggage tractors and belt loaders

PosiCharge’s MVS400 and MVS800 solutions can charge up to 16 vehicles simultaneously while sharing an existing infrastructure. Examples of these vehicles include tow tugs, baggage tractors and belt loaders.

The ability to charge up to 16 vehicles simultaneously makes the MVS cost-effective, as the more vehicles charged at once, the greater the benefit.

The MVS also provides high-quality power and multi-amperage flexibility, and is an industry leader in Fortune and Global 100 companies.