ibb airport control tower

Ingenieurbau Bismark GmbH (ibb) designs, manufactures and assembles customised, pre-built air traffic control towers (ATCs) as individual solutions for airports around the world.

ATCs manufactured by ibb are in operation at airports throughout Europe, Central Asia, the Near East and Central America.

High-quality air traffic control towers

Our complete solutions can be installed with minimal disruption to an airport’s regular operations.

ibb products are delivered through our comprehensive, in-house architectural and engineering solutions, while working closely with clients throughout. Specific customer requirements are met through the combination of computer-aided designs, innovative technology, and a personalised service.

ibb provides complete solutions for air traffic control towers.
Our team of experienced engineers and architects ensure that specific design needs are met at airports.
Mobile ATC units can be used for airports and airfields with limited air traffic, helping to significantly reduce operations costs.
ATC towers are manufactured at ibb’s state-of-the-art production facilities, with panels and glazing replaceable whenever required.
Mobile ATC units remove the need for a permanent structures.
Our highly trained personnel ensure that ATC units are installed to the high standards customers have come to expect from us.
Our engineers and architects have extensive experience in delivering complex airport projects.
ATC units can be customised to meet specific air traffic requirements.
ibb solutions are used at a number of airports around the world such as the Charkow Airport in Ukraine.
Steel structures are manufactured for airports using the latest technology.

Steel structures are produced using high-performance NC-controlled production lines and the latest industry techniques.

Our highly skilled personnel ensure that ATCs are assembled to the highest quality, regardless of the site’s adverse operational conditions, logistical challenges, or infrastructure issues.

ATC units consist of a steel platform, which comprises a girder and hollow sections, with full exterior railings. The roof system is made from noise and heat absorbent materials, with an integrated vapour barrier.

Exterior panelling consists of aluminium-sandwiched elements, which are used in combination with panoramic glazing to give ATC towers a high-quality appearance, and allowing panels and glass to be changed at anytime.

The ATC unit’s exterior platform features an open walkway, with contains outer railings and diagonal gridirons.

Mobile air traffic control units for remote airports to save costs and boost security

A big challenge for remote airports with limited hours of operation is having the appropriate infrastructure connected to stationary ATC towers, while remaining cost-effective.

To avoid high costs, ibb provides the option of mobile ATC units to manage flight operations at different airports, eliminating the need for permanent structures. ATC staff then travel to remote airports and can return after completing flight operations.

The mobile ATC unit is placed on a specially designed vehicle or trailer and can have one or two controller positions, as well as communications and control systems required for the movement of aircraft. Users also have the option for an incorporated radar and voice recorder, as well as meteorological system.

Units are unique in their flexibility and configuration options, and can be deployed in peace-keeping operations for both civil and military aviation users.

Construction of ATC towers and steel hangars for airports

ibb’s products portfolio extends to the design, the manufacturing and assembly of turnkey factory halls as modular designs, as well as customised structures.

ibb specialises in:

  • Air traffic control (ATC) towers
  • Industrial and plant engineering
  • Construction of large steel structure buildings (e.g. hangars to meet the parking requirements of modern aircraft)
  • Construction of formworks for the bio-technology market

For design and development works, we have three high-capacity CAD systems, with production of steel structures taking place in a state-of-the-art factory that spans 6,000m².

Steel profiles can be manufactured almost totally machine-aided through the PCD 1100/1100 DG CNC drilling and sawing machine, capable of handling structures up to 1,100mm-high and 22m-long.

Sheet metal parts up to 60mm thick can be thermally cut automatically through a burning line and NC drilling machine.

Eleven radio-controlled overhead cranes facilitate the handling of steel constructions with a single piece weight of up to 15t.

Paints and anti-corrosion coatings are applied in an advanced airless spraying facility with under-floor extraction to cover a total surface area of 500m². In addition, steel up to 1,500mm-wide is treated with a high-capacity machine capable of continuous all-side shot blasting.

About ibb

ibb company was founded in 1990 and is located in the German town of Bismark in the northern part of Saxony-Anhalt province. We currently employ 45 people, including highly qualified engineers and architects with extensive experience in delivering complex construction projects.

Steel buildings constructed by ibb are found internationally at airports, commercial businesses and at agriculture operations.

Since December 2000, ibb has been DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 accredited.

In addition, ibb has been DIN EN 1090-1 certified since 2013 and has DIN EN 473 certification for magnetic particle inspection Level 2 MT.

ibb also has the DIN EN 1090-2 / EXC3 steel construction welding certificate.