Leading Edge Aviation Planning Professionals (LEAPP) is an international specialist consulting firm that provides aviation and airport planning and engineering services.

The company offers aviation management consulting internationally to civil aviation departments, airport authorities, private sector airport developers, airport operators and owners, multilateral and bilateral aid funding agencies, as well as commercial aviation financing institutions and insurers.

Aviation strategic planning

LEAPP supplies national and strategic planning, as well as privatisation and risk assessment services, which are supported by extensive experience in civil aviation development and airport management and operations.

The company aims to generate efficiency and effectiveness for the development of national and civil aviation systems.

LEAPP specialises in aviation consultancy services, such as civil aviation master planning (CAMP).
The company designs preliminary masterplans for new airports and facilities.
LEAPP performed an apron risk assessment for UAE’s Dubai International Airport.
The company is commissioned by aviation insurance adjusters to investigate accidents.
LEAPP devises appropriate air traffic transfer strategy for multiple airports, on behalf of regional aviation departments.
As a registered vendor of Asian Development Bank (ADB), LEAPP performs technical assistance studies, which comprise civil aviation department restructuring and a Civil Aviation Act review.
The company offers heliport and helipad planning and design services.
Operational readiness programmes are available to optimise the airport's performance.

Airport master planning and design development

All aspects of operations on and around the airport, such as planning / development, are to ensure safe and efficient operation of aircraft, passengers, and cargo and ground vehicles.

LEAPP’s comprehensive airside and landside planning and design capabilities (including terminal operations) are performed through cutting-edge computer simulation modelling, keeping in mind the impact of new technologies, and the future use and potential of the airport.

Air transport planning

LEAPP offers air transport planning services include strategic planning, air transport market and route analysis, air traffic forecasting and air traffic transfer strategy.

The company also provides specialist airspace and air navigation planning services to the aviation industry.

Aviation management and financial consulting

LEAPP provides aviation management consulting, corporate and business planning for airport authorities, as well as civil aviation law, regulations, restructuring and organisational development.

Heliport and helipad planning and design

LEAPP supplies planning and design services for industry-compliant helipads and heliports, which include location review, planning of usage based on the range of applicable helicopter types and physical space requirements.

Aviation safety management

LEAPP is experienced in safety management and promotes safe working practices and environments in every project.

Airport operational readiness management

LEAPP assigns and manages a group of highly experienced professional staff in airport management and operations, with experience in start-up operations of new international airports or facilities.

The company’s team focuses on deliver a smooth operational opening and a high level of services, safety and security.


LEAPP is registered as a vendor of aviation planning and engineering services to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Caribbean Development Bank.

The firm is also a world business partner of the Airports Council International (ACI), the body representing airport operators and suppliers, and a member of the Australian Airports Association.