Infax is a leading provider of information systems to improve airport facilities, operations and the passenger experience to meet changing demands.

Data analysis systems for improving airport operations and facilities

TRAX® is a facility analytics platform that helps improve operations and the passenger experience both inside and outside the terminal.

It captures data from different checkpoints within the airport to track how high-traffic areas are operating. This can also be displayed to passengers, showing waiting times, toilet locations and availability, and concession information.

Using real-time data collected by the platform, service providers can adjust operations to where they are needed most and passengers can gain some visibility into their travel journey.

SmartRestroom feedback tablets allow passengers to rate toilet facilities upon leaving.
Passengers that have rated the facilities as bad are prompted to give more information about their experience.
TRAX sensors placed above restroom entrances monitor passenger traffic. When the set passenger threshold is met, staff are alerted that the facilities need to be cleaned.
Infax flight information displays can be integrated with airport systems to automatically update flight times.
Infax flight information displays inform passengers about flight status before boarding the aircraft.

The TRAX facility analytics platform extends to several areas in the airport space, including toilets, security procedures, concession areas, and the kerbside.

Infax offers its TRAX SmartRestroom solution for airport toilets. Passengers consistently rank the quality of facilities as a primary concern when travelling.

Using data collected by SmartRestroom, airport service providers can gain an insight into how to improve facilities for passengers to help improve operations and the overall experience.

Airport queue monitoring solutions

Infax offers its TRAX queue management solution to monitor passenger movement through security queues to calculate an estimated passenger waiting time. Once it is calculated, the solution sends the information to the airport’s website and screens.

With a queue management solution in place, airports can reduce passenger anxiety and help them accurately plan for their journey at the airport.

The facility analytics platform can also be extended to concession areas. Using this technology, operators can determine restaurant waiting times, cleaning schedules and the concessions most popular among passengers.

TRAX can be used to help airport authorities monitor kerbside behaviour in the drop-off and pick-up lanes. The solution can monitor vehicle waiting times and allows authorities to view footage in real-time.

Customised digital signage for airports

The Engage platform allows users to create and customise their own digital signage. Using Engage, facility operators can create content such as concession advertisements, digital directories, and personalised messages to display on monitors or video walls throughout the airport.

Content can be created in advance and scheduled to run at a certain time on specified monitors.

Real-time flight information displays

The WinFIDS 7.0® Suite provides airports with a platform to easily manage and display real-time information on flights, baggage and gates. Visual paging, emergency messages and other public announcements are also supported.

WinFIDS 7.0 can be integrated with any flight data source or airline interface, allowing for expected departure times to be updated automatically. Staff can also make changes using a web-based interface.

Airport operations management system services

Infax offers a variety of services to clients, including project management, installation and support. A project manager is assigned to each client to oversee their whole project, and an in-house support team is available 24/7 to help clients. System integration helps airports by eliminating the need to manage multiple end-points and contractors.

Remote or onsite installation services are offered for both hardware and software provided by Infax, along with training for the systems.

Infax provides consulting services to offer guidance in helping airports navigate their problems with facility analytics and passenger experience.

If a data analysis team is not available at an airport, Infax can collect the data and report on the findings, helping improve facilities.

About Infax

Infax has more than 47 years in the aviation sector, dedicated to helping airports effectively communicate with their passengers.

The company provides innovative solutions and services that give clients the ability to make data-driven decisions to deliver an enhanced customer experience.