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Airports seek to avoid summer of strikes

Airports seek to avoid summer of strikes

After a long year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, things were looking up for air travel as international travel started to open up. However, following redundancies, pay cuts, and more during the last year, many airport staff still find their jobs in uncertain positions. We take a look at the industrial action that has already taken place and asks if there is more to come.

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Edinburgh Airport’s solar sustainability solution

Flying is known to be one of the highest polluting modes of transport. Edinburgh Airport is playing its part in reducing the airline industry’s carbon footprint with a plan to develop a solar farm to provide 26% of its energy needs and assist it on its journey to becoming carbon neutral.
We profile the project and detail the airport’s new sustainability strategy.

Detecting airborne Covid-19: The machine that sniffs the air

The ongoing, ever changing Covid-19 pandemic has seen the aviation industry adapt to new challenges, regulations, and guidelines to keep passengers and staff safe.

Alongside these safety measures new technology is currently being trialled by Teesside International Airport using a machine being able to detect airborne Covid-19 particles. Developed by UK tech firm Kromek, the device provides data in real time by sucking in air which it then turns to liquid to genetically sequence.