Power Systems International’s solid-state industrial frequency converters produce 400Hz output for aircraft ground power and 28VDC for helicopter engine starting and battery charging. These frequency converters are designed for fixed installation in military or civil aviation repair workshops, maintenance hangars and simulator centres. The rugged all weather versions are supplied for point of use aircraft ground power applications on the apron or aircraft parking position.

The 400Hz frequency converters can also be supplied in a horizontal form for mounting under the passenger loading bridge to provide a simple, cost effective point-of-use location for connecting to the aircraft. The horizontal frequency converter can also be mounted on stands or fixed to a towable mobile chassis to provide maximum flexibility for fixed or mobile use.

Instead of running high-voltage 400Hz cables around the airfield with step down transformers and line drop compensators from a centralised system, the point-of-use frequency converters require only normal 50Hz or 60Hz mains cables to the input. The output of the converter is via one length of cable up to 90kVA or two lengths of flexible 400Hz cable for the 120kVA and 180kVA ideally suited to the needs of the A380 and other wide bodied aircraft. Each output is fitted with a standard aircraft connector. The 400Hz converter can be switched on and off from push buttons on the aircraft connector as needed.

The Power Systems International all electric GPU delivers the 400Hz power at the point where it is needed. This a serious reduction in carbon footprint when compared with the centralised continuously running systems. Unlike the diesel engine driven GPU’s, there is no engine noise, or exhaust fumes, emissions and pollution, fuel storage, fuel spillage risk, also, saves the cost of the aircraft running its APU, and is its contribution to saving the planet too.

EF40 Series 400Hz frequency converter aircraft ground power system, 120kVA, IP42 Hangar type indoor version.
SD40 Series 400Hz frequency converter aircraft ground power system, 180kVA IP55 outdoor version with two 90kVA outputs
SDM-EFM40 series frequency converter aircraft ground power units, in 90kVA, 120kVA and 180kVA n IP54 enclosure mounted on mobile towable. Can be supplied with single or dual output cables and with DC for battery charging.

400HZ frequency converters

The single-module 400Hz frequency converters are compact-dimensioned aircraft ground power units and can be installed adjacent to the parking position of the aircraft, on passenger loading bridges or in maintenance hangars, avionics workshops or on trolleys. Frequency converters when located adjacent to every aircraft stand is a very cost-effective and flexible arrangement, especially on smaller installations. The single-module frequency converters are simple to connect to normally available mains sources without the need for pits or other apron cable duct excavation work.

DC systems

Power System International supplies DC systems for helicopter engine starting, battery charging duty in maintenance hangars, repair workshops, aprons and for offshore helipad landing platforms.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for emergency / runway lighting and other airport power applications

The company’s industrial UPS systems are supplied to military locations and civil airports, providing absolutely reliable and secure power for navigation aids, air traffic control systems, early warning, primary and secondary radar, passenger check-in computers, emergency lighting, baggage handling computers, security and intruder surveillance systems, anti-terrorist scanning equipment, runway lighting, public address systems, flight information displays and automated people movers and emergency evacuation lifts.

50Hz to 60Hz frequency converters

50Hz to 60Hz frequency converters are supplied for maintenance hangar and repair workshop at military locations and civil airports. These converters are also used for installations where it is necessary to convert frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz, for naval shore-to-ship services and where US 60Hz equipment needs to be connected to the internationally available 50Hz mains supply.

Cables, cable harnesses, cable reelers, cable stowage and aircraft power connectors

Power Systems International supplies fully prepared 400Hz cable harnesses using twisted flexible cables provided with control wires and fitted with an aircraft power connector, which can be delivered with an optional feature allowing remote control of the frequency converter output.

Fully prepared flexible cable harnesses are also available for 28VDC for engine starting and battery charging. These harnesses are also provided with a standard aircraft connector with or without the remote control feature.

The cables supplied by Power Systems International are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to maintain their flexibility in sub-zero temperatures and in the intense heat of summer at Middle Eastern airports and military airfields.