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Consultancy and Engineering for Improved Airport Operations

AERTEC Solutions provides bespoke engineering and consultancy services to the air transport sector to help airports deliver an improved visitor experience.


AERTEC Solutions provides bespoke engineering and consultancy services to the air transport sector to help airports deliver an improved visitor experience.

We aim to make airports safe for all users, with swift operations to provide efficient services for passengers.

Our team combines an extensive range of experience to create innovative, simple solutions tailored to the exact requirements of all airport operators.

Consultancy and analysis for airport engineering projects

We offer consultancy services to airport operators, service providers and airlines, as well as government agencies, financial institutions and investors. Most importantly, our initial guidance includes advice on whether or not the investment is justified.

AERTEC Solutions airport control tower plans are designed with safety and function in mind.
Our consultancy services are available to airport operators and service providers, as well as airlines.
We provide bespoke planning for all airside areas, including aircraft parking aprons, heliports and helipads.
We provide airport with analysis on actions or procedures that can be improved to enhance efficiency.
Airport terminal designs are optimised to provide open spaces and improve passenger flow.
Our consultancy services help airports to optimise handling operations.

Integrated services and independent specialised consultancy provides value to our clients, covering a range of aviation consultancy services, including policy and sector studies, airport market studies, traffic forecasting, business advisory, and transaction support.

Bespoke airport planning and design services

Our tailored studies and plans for airport solutions offer functionality, cost-effectiveness and quality. We ensure safe and seamless operations that are designed to improve the passenger experience.

Aeronautical safety, flight procedure design, capacity, and planning are a focus of our studies, as well as operational safety surveillance plans, integrated aircraft noise models, and airport certification.

AERTEC Solutions has extensive experience in the development of airport masterplans around the world.

Airside, terminal and infrastructure design

Airside planning focuses on visual aid design for ground lighting and signalling, in addition to preliminary, basic, and construction project design.

We provide design services for runways, taxiways, aircraft parking aprons, heliports and helipads, as well as aeronautical ground lighting and instrumental navigational aids such as radio equipment.

Our safety, function and design plans include infrastructure within the airport grounds, while they also involve surrounding areas such as control towers, terminal areas and other facilities.

Airport architectural planning is included in our services, delivering spaces designed to improve passenger comfort. Terminal areas must be wide and open, with intuitive passenger flow solutions for high-traffic areas.

Optimisation, analysis and monitoring of airport operations

We optimise handling procedures, equipment and systems for operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT) for all services. This includes ensuring all processes meet the essential requirements before operations begin.

Part of our offering includes analysis and monitoring services for service-level agreements (SLA) between airport service providers and clients. We measure and assess actions or procedures that airports can improve on to enhance performance.

Airport safety management systems and manuals

Our operational procedures and manuals are designed to ensure safety and effectiveness at airports. We draw up, implement and update actions and coordination guidelines for all operations to specific airport regulations.

Operational safety management systems increase the safety of aircraft, passengers and staff at airports by enforcing procedures and protocols.

Airport system consultancy, engineering and software for optimising operations

Engineering services are designed to optimise everyday airport operations. We provide customised services to improve the effectiveness of a range of processes and actions for every airport.

Our extensive experience within the aviation industry has allowed us to create a division that provides support for the entire range of airline services. It offers services and products tailored for individual airport and passenger needs.

Our main activities focus on technology and strategic consultancy, systems assurance, and software development.

About AERTEC Solutions

AERTEC Solutions was founded in 1997 and works with clients in the aviation, aeronautical, aerospace, and defence industries. We have a workforce of more than 500 aeronautical experts operating across Spain, the UK, Portugal, Colombia, and the US.

Services have been provided to more than 100 airports in 40 countries, developing our technical expertise in airport consultancy, design and engineering.

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