Buerhoop specialises in the field of collision-avoidance tools for air traffic. Our products comprise an innovative high-performance collision-avoidance engine, and a state-of-the-art fast-time simulation and analysis tool specialised in collision modelling.

High-performance collision-avoidance engine

We have combined computational geometry algorithms with high-performance hardware to develop one of the fastest and most efficient collision-avoidance engines worldwide.

Running on reliable, commercial-off-the-shelf, high-performance hardware, our engine computes loss-of-separation information for about 1,000 aircraft simultaneously (within a maximum time of 1ms). On average, the computing latency (bar network) is in the nanosecond domain. This is more than 10,000 times faster than common conflict-detection engines running on classical servers.

The massive scalability of this engine together with its superior algorithms puts clients in a position to efficiently manage much higher air traffic volumes than previous systems, with many more aircraft simultaneously in the air, in order to achieve the air traffic management capabilities envisioned by SESAR and NextGen.

Next-generation air traffic systems as foreseen by the SESAR and NextGen programmes are expected to provide greater traffic management capacities than is available today.
A data-parallel design achieves the desired high performance necessary to meet the requirements as envisioned by the SESAR and NextGen programmes.
Air traffic situation visualisation from our air traffic collision simulation tool.

Air traffic collision-simulation tool

Our air traffic collision-simulation tool has been developed to explore and prepare for all airspace possibilities. The tool takes recorded traffic scenarios and arbitrarily adds many objects (e.g. dynamic terrain, weather, volcanic emissions, space debris, or bird flock movement down to a single bird). All objects can change shape and perform movements with a full six degrees of freedom. The augmented scenario is visualised as an animation with collisions or interaction highlighted.

Consultancy services

We provide a range of consultancy services, including project management services and engineering support. Our clients include the German air navigation service provider as well as European air traffic industry companies.

Project management services

Project management services comprise classical project management methods like V-Model as well as modern project management methods like Agile software development or SCRUM.

Engineering support

Our engineering support comprises software engineering and programming, document engineering and technical authoring, tendering support, up to complete prototype development. All work is conducted to the highest standards.

About Buerhoop

Buerhoop plans, develops and tests tailor-made software for a range of mission-critical systems. Our services range from consultation, assistance in tendering and design of system architectures, to the construction of prototypes and software development. We serve renowned companies from the aviation and logistics sectors.