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Passenger Analytics and Reporting Platforms

MEXIA Interactive is the leading global provider of curb-to-gate passenger analytics and reporting platforms.


Mexia interactive

MEXIA Interactive is a leading global provider of curb-to-gate passenger analytics and reporting platforms for the aviation industry.

The company’s SMRT Sensor provides the highest possible levels of accuracy and granularity to airports worldwide.

The SMRT Sensor platform brings the concept of GPS satellites to an interior environment; enabling industry-leading mobile signal and video analytics, as well as engagement and connectivity to mobile devices.

MEXIA's SMRT sensor platform helps airports to find new and hidden non-aero revenue opportunities, and create the best possible experience for passengers.
Personalised messaging using beacon technology provides passengers with information they actually want, while avoiding spam messages.

The platform’s correlation of data sets and third-party integration allows airports to finally gain deeper insights into passenger data, allowing them to develop non-aero revenues and improve passenger experience.

Airport operations management optimisation

Mexia recognises that airport operations must be at peak efficiency to meet the demands of today’s travellers.

Providing data both historically and in real-time, the MEXIA Platform ensures a seamless experience from curb to gate.

The SMRT Sensor provides real-time queue measurement and notifications to passengers via flight information display system (FIDS) displays and / or mobile devices. It also warns staff of sudden increases in wait times with text message and / or email alerts so that they can make fast decisions to ensure KPIs are being met.

The sensor enables management to determine optimal staffing levels based on flights schedules, annual traffic patterns and worldwide events affecting the air transport industry.

Video analytics identify bottlenecks, verify problems in security lines, and monitor the amount of time passengers spend in airports, as well as flow and dwell time, by specific flight destinations.

Non-aviation revenue opportunities for airports

Retail and food and beverage (F&B) partners provide ample opportunities for additional revenues in airports. Similarly to retail websites, airports can now determine profiles based on passenger destinations, travel frequency and correlation of data sets.

MEXIA helps airports find non-aero revenue potential by providing shopper numbers, visit frequency and trends through insights on 60% to 90% of all passengers to the client’s location.

The company can also measure lost revenue as a result of higher wait times in security / screening areas.

MEXIA measures and reports dwell time in retail and F&B areas in comparison to passenger destinations. It supplies a system custom-calibrated to each location, so clients obtain specific department details within retail or other important revenue areas.

The data provided by MEXIA is far beyond traditional passenger counting, or collection of information from downloadable apps.The company supplies a comprehensive view of visitor flow, category visits, and cross-shopping for commercial airport staff.

Passenger information, wayfinding and mobile payment authentication

Once airports understand the trends, patterns, and behaviors of passengers they need to engage with them. Airports need to know who their PAX are, where they go, when they visit, why they visit, and how often. With this information, staff are able to notify passengers quickly and effectively to ensure a seamless travel experience.

This means current airports needs to have the right technology in place, such as iBeacon (iOS), Eddystone (Google), Placedge (Samsung) or Wi-Fi proximity notices.

The MEXIA SMRT Sensor platform supplies USB-powered beacons, which offer proximity notifications, information and wayfinding, as well as mobile payment authentication.

The MEXIA platform provides pre-booking and mobile payment capabilities which can increase on-property parking revenues, and improve passenger experiences.

It can also show co-promotion opportunities for commercial partners with similar services, or that passengers visit together and / or show interest in.

High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity in airports

The MEXIA SMRT Sensor provides on-board high-speed 802.11u/c Wi-Fi. Airports can install, upgrade, and offer this service to their passengers, staff and partners.

The platform provides seamless, high-speed, 5G Wi-Fi connectivity via:

  • Full IEEE 802.11u/c standards
  • Dual band, 1,200Mbps data rate
  • Secure RADIUS server authentication
  • Multiple login formats including social media and text message

Sensor platform solution for comprehensive passenger data

The MEXIA SMRT Sensor Platform turns passengers, products, and promotions into data points that can be anonymously monitored with precision.

MEXIA covers installation, maintenance, and upgrade costs, and ensures a client’s technical infrastructure is always up-to-date.

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