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Specialised Consulting Services and System Solutions for Airports

BNP Associates provides specialised consulting services and solutions to the international air transportation industry.

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BNP Associates

BNP Associates provides specialised consulting services and solutions to the international air transportation industry, including conceptual design, systems simulation, and design development where the architectural and engineering interfaces are defined.

The company’s services extend to construction administration, management, and specification, and bidding / tendering services.

Services are focused on systems and operations for baggage handling systems, hold baggage screening systems, cargo handling systems, and apron and aircraft parking systems.

Baggage handling systems for airports

Baggage handling systems (BHS) and process designs have been the focus of BNP’s work since 1971. Our solutions take a holistic approach, and are geared towards operational reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

BNP has helped implement security screening technology into hold baggage systems worldwide.
BNP's applications include storage, carrier, and sortation systems for handling baggage.
The company designs and implements parking and apron services for aircraft.
Baggage facilities can be expanded to meet BNP's forecasts for future baggage requirements.
The company's airport services include the implementation of passenger loading bridges.
BNP designs large and small cargo systems for the world's most successful cargo hubs in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.
The company's software engineers work to streamline and improve operation in all systems, from baggage handling to passenger and aircraft management.

The company’s innovative applications include inline explosive detection systems (EDS), bag storage systems, radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, individual carrier systems (ICS), baggage sortation devices, and system diagnostics.

Each project is typically taken from inception through to testing and operational support. BNP has successfully designed and implemented different baggage handling technologies worldwide, from small manual systems to large, complex projects.

In addition to assisting with new designs and installations, the company analyses and improves existing systems based on current operational demands. These improvements include identifying bottlenecks, reducing mishandled bags, increasing flow and capacity, and streamlining operational processes.

Hold baggage screening systems for airports

BNP has implemented security screening technology into new and existing baggage handling systems at numerous locations worldwide.

In the US, we work with the Transportation Security Administration to ensure that security screening systems meet regulations, which have evolved rapidly since 9/11.

The company has also designed and implemented security screening systems to meet the regulations of other countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Korea, and the UK.

BNP’s experience with explosive detection system (EDS) technologies, their regulations, and their integration with different handling systems provides a unique vantage point for optimising system performance.

Airport cargo handling systems

BNP is currently working with some of the largest and most complex air cargo handling and storage systems in the world. We have designed cargo systems and processes in successful cargo hubs in Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, and the US.

BNP employs proven methodologies to predict future cargo flows and system requirements, and therefore accurately estimate sizes and configurations for new and / or expanded cargo facilities.

BNP’s systems use proven equipment combined with the latest computer technology, and are widely recognised as some of the best cargo applications available.

Apron systems and aircraft parking

BNP’s apron systems group is experienced in designing and implementing aircraft parking and apron services. These systems include passenger loading bridges, preconditioned air units, ground power, visual guidance docking systems (VGDS), aircraft parking, and ground service equipment (GSE) staging.

We bring proven expertise that provides cost-effective and operationally sound solutions to our clients.

System simulations for baggage and cargo handling systems

BNP’s simulation tools provide an accurate assessment of baggage and cargo handling system performance. We use state-of-the-art modeling software, and employ some of the most experienced and respected modeling engineers in the industry.

The simulation software includes detailed control logic across a wide range of baggage and cargo handling system resources. Combined with a sophisticated scenario management application, control logic allows our engineers to generate highly realistic, cost-effective, and useful simulations.

The company’s software engineers have developed modeling tools to quickly and effectively model baggage and cargo handling systems’ configurations and control logic.

Baggage systems that can be modeled include early bag storage, tilt tray, pusher and horizontal sortation device (HSD) sortation, individual tray carrier systems and security screening systems. Cargo systems that can be modeled include ETV’s, storage decks, workstations, AS/RS, bin distribution systems, turntables, TV’s, airside interfaces, truck docks, screening devices, and any other type of componentry found in an air cargo system.

About BNP Associates

With 45 years of professional experience, BNP has been involved with a variety of systems at hundreds of airports worldwide, ranging from the renovation of small manual systems to some of the largest and most complex automated material handling systems in the world.

BNP’s client list is composed of airlines, airports, government agencies, express companies, and airport architects / engineers.

The majority of the company’s clients are repeat customers, who retain BNP to develop and facilitate implementation of all of their material handling designs.

The company works as an extension of our client’s staff, offering an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, and extensive experience working with project teams for a full spectrum of initiatives in scope, size, and complexity.

BNP operates out of two primary locations, our headquarters in Brookfield, Connecticut, US, and Denver, Colorado, USA. Both of these offices provide design, administration, project and construction management departments. Our regional offices in Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, and Singapore allow us to respond quickly to clients in these regions.


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