Servicios Aeronáuticos, Control y Navegación (SAERCO) provides air navigation services for the aviation industry.

SAERCO is certified according to the requirements of European Regulations and with the supervision of the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA). The company meets the following standards:

  • Re 1035/2011: laying down common requirements for the provision of air navigation services
  • Re 2015/340: laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures relating to air traffic controllers’ licences and certificates

The company offers training for aerodrome flight information services (AFIS), air traffic control (ATC), on-the-job training instructors (OJTI), assessors, and communication, navigation, surveillance – air traffic safety electronics personnel (CNS-ATSEP).

SAERCO also provides air traffic service (ATS) simulators, calibration flights, drones / remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) flight planning and log, and aeronautical consultancy, as well as develops software and applications, such as aeronautical logbooks.

SAERCO provides air traffic control (ATC) services to more than 12 million passengers at four airports.
The company's staff at Andorra La Seu D’Urgell are trained to provide aerodrome flight information services (AFIS), communication, navigation, surveillance (CNS) and airport operations services. These can be combined in order to optimise associated costs and resources.
CNS services have been provided since Castellón Airport first opened to commercial traffic.
SAERCO's training centre offers initial and continuous training in air traffic services (ATS) and CNS.
Training room for pilots at SAERCO's headquarters. From here, the company manages its Total Control simulator in Madrid and its remote desktop version at Fuerteventura Island.
SAERCO's remote desktop simulator at Fuerteventura allows personnel to train outside of the main simulator.
ATS Logbook manages and tracks service units located at considerable distances from one another by integrating all of the required functionalities in a single solution.
SERPA provides organisation management for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), flight planning, conflict detection in prohibited areas and other flights, meteorological forecasts, a risk level indicator, flight log, and social network features.
SAERCO also offers airport services, either separately or in conjunction with air navigation services, allowing the airport manager to deal with management and business responsibilities.

AFIS, ATC and CNS air navigation services

SAERCO’s main objective is to supply safe, efficient and cost-effective air navigation services.

These include ATC in airports, technical and maintenance services in the CNS domain, and other ATS, such as flight information services (AFIS) and consultation.

Initial training centre (STC) for airport service personnel

SAERCO has created its training centre (STC), which provides Spanish and / or English initial and on-going training in a range of disciplines, including ATC Aerodrome, approach and area control, AFIS, OJTI, assessors, CNS-ATSEP and airport systems maintenance technicians.

Air traffic service simulators

Airways International Limited (AIL) Total Control™ is a simulated air navigation services environment, specifically designed to bring functionality and control to training regimes for air traffic controllers.

Total Control can be easily configured to suit individual training requirements, providing a solution for radar, aerodrome, and part-task or full ATC simulation. The system includes premium, professional, performance and radar variants.

SAERCO distributes Total Control, as well as associated products, technical support and training throughout Europe, Latin-America and parts of Africa.

Remote simulators for air traffic services

SAERCO provides optional remote simulation training, which can be provided without moving staff from their assigned units.

The hardware required for audio-visual presentations and recreating ATS systems is located at the airport, while the training pilots may be located at the companies service centres or external locations.

Drone / RPAS flight planning and log

SAERCO’s SERPA system aims to facilitate the integration and development of a conciliatory atmosphere between users.

SERPA is an intelligent platform created to comprehensively manage drone / RPAS flights. The application allows operators and pilots to easily perform their duties due to its various functions, such as flight planning, safety assessment, weather forecast, flight log and social network features.

Web-based aeronautical logbooks

SAERCO Logbooks are web-based applications that are accessible from any conventional PC, tablet or phone, offering a single adaptable solution for many aeronautical and non-aeronautical services.

The logbooks have multiple integrated functions, including document management, shift settings, internal communications, activity logins, logistics, automatic alarms, statistical reports, summaries and key performance indicators (KPI).

Safety management systems and human factors

The Safe Way Approach is composed of a clear organisational and procedural system, which guarantees the safety of air navigation areas of responsibility.

SAERCO continuously applies and improves its safety management systems and processes to ensure they maintain the highest level of effectiveness in operational safety.

Human factors are related to safety management and investigations, among other aviation matters. SAERCO incorporates in each investigation the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS), which identifies the human causes of an accident and provides a tool to assist in the investigation process, as well as target training and prevention efforts.

SAERCO shares this knowledge and experience, providing training and support to external personnel and organisations.

Aeronautical engineering and consultancy services

SAERCO’s highly qualified professionals carry out consulting projects, and provide advice for aeronautical engineering projects in the areas of air navigation, airports and air traffic transport industry.

They offer technical advice, systems integration, traffic management, feasibility studies, forecasting, business planning and financial modelling.