AviAlliance (formerly HOCHTIEF AirPort) invests in and manages private industrial airports. It provides financing, operations and strategic alignment services, and aims to provide all the relevant services required by airports of any kind.

Investing in airports

Airports tend to have relatively stable yields, and can make attractive capital investments. AviAlliance realised this at an early stage, and put together a portfolio of airport holdings. It currently has stakes in Athens, Budapest, Düsseldorf and Hamburg airports, and operates Tirana International Airport.

For an airport to be successful, it has to be popular in its own region. In order to encourage this, AviAlliance works to encourage responsible environmental management, and a carefully-planned approach to using natural resources and developing its airports. It also sticks to national and international standards, and aims to build communities with local residents and partners.

The company is particularly interested in regional airports with large catchment areas. It also looks for locations that can offer attractive potential for stepping up revenues and earnings. This is something it looks to unlock through smart investment and professional management. It works to maintain long-term improvements and sustainable growth in efficiency.

Athens Airport functions as an important hub for south-eastern Europe and is one of the central transfer points for people travelling to Europe from the Middle East.
Düsseldorf Airport is Germany's third-biggest airport and the chief hub of aviation in the most densely populated German federal state, Northrhine-Westphalia. It is located at the heart of one of Europe's key metropolitan regions.
For a total of €262m, Budapest Airport’s infrastructure is being completely modernised, and new fields of business are being opened up.

Airport privatisation and management

AviAlliance operates a range of airports in Germany, Greece, Hungary and Albania. This means that it has the foundation spread rapidly, responding to opportunities as they open up. Its extensive experience across this sector is reinforced by airports that are already in the AviAlliance fold. The company can use this to get its head around any new airports it takes on.

AviAlliance’s involvement in five successful airport privatisations means that it knows exactly how to do this correctly. Furthermore, its extensive professional record in airport construction has resulted in a significant body of experience throughout the airport sector.

The company is an investor, strategic manager and concession-holder in airport privatisations worldwide. These are AviAlliance’s particular speciality, and it takes part in every stage, from the bidding procedure and the acquisition of shareholdings and concessions through the restructuring, financing and long-term development. Furthermore, it works as industrial manager to advise its investment and consortium partners.

Enhancing airport value and increasing efficiency

AviAlliance takes full advantage of its industrial know-how, advanced thinking and financial management experience. It is confident in its ability to structure and develop concessions projects. Everything it does is designed to improve the way its ongoing projects are optimised, and to build their value.

An internationally-recognised airport consultant

AviAlliance has been operating as a consultant for the aviation industry since 2002, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. It also uses its 17 years as an airport manager to influence its decisions. It can draw on a broad array of competencies which have been field-tested and refined in its own portfolio of airport holdings and at many outside clients.

As a world-renowned airport consultant, AviAlliance is in a position to offer expert consulting services to other owners and investors. It develops bespoke solutions for airport operations, and provides professional advice and support in situations such as management and financing issues.

Aviation investment

AviAlliance’s portfolio of airport holdings and range of services mean that it is in a strong position to build its position as a leading investor and manager of independent airports. While it is aware that this can change very quickly in the aviation business, AviAlliance is also aware that careful investment and efficient planning can tap extra potential.

AviAlliance’s key activities include:

  • Asset and portfolio management
  • Acquisition and strategic optimisation of concessions and shareholdings
  • Structuring and financing of airport transactions
  • Capex management in airport construction and expansion
  • Corporate valuation and appraisal
  • Services for our own airports
  • Consulting for third parties in the areas of business planning
  • Financing
  • Master-planning
  • Aviation and airport operations planning
  • Non-aviation business
  • Real estate development