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Voice, Data, and Screen Recording Solutions for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Phoenix Recording Systems supplies and supports screen, voice, and radar recorders and CCTV for airports.

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Phoenix Recording Systems is an industry leader in the manufacturing of recording solutions for air traffic control (ATC) applications.

Designed specifically for the aviation industry, a Veristore Record and Replay System records and synchronously replays voice signals, ambient microphones, raw through the wall radar data (TTW), At The Glass (ATG) controller screens, and CCTV camera signals. Every modular system fully complies with the latest International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and is easy to expand or upgrade according to operational requirements or regulations.

Record and replay systems for airports

The Veristore Software is a comprehensive package, which includes all monitoring and replay features in one easy-to-use application.  There are no additional modules or hidden extra costs necessary to produce a fully compliant record and replay system.

The first Veristore Record and Replay System was installed in 2007 and there are now over 40 installations across major international airports, national and local airports, heliports, and mobile sites.

The underlying philosophy behind a Veristore Record and Replay System is that each data source is directly interfaced into the recorder that will be used to store the data. This not only guarantees the security of the recorded data by avoiding the need to transfer it between storage locations with multiple write and read operations but also allows the optimum technology to be used for acquiring and recording each type of data.

In an ATC environment, the prime requirement for a recording system is to be able to reconstruct a situation quickly, easily, and accurately exactly as it occurred. This may be a few seconds after the recording was made, when a controller or supervisor wishes to listen to a message or conversation that was not clear, or if a future investigation needs to try and determine why a decision had been made. The Veristore Record and Replay System uses the latest available technologies, which enable fast access to all the recorded data.

Veristore Record and Replay Systems have been proven to be reliable, with a low cost of ownership, and are backed by Phoenix Recording Systems’ guarantee to support equipment for longer than anyone else in the marketplace.

Air traffic control voice recorder and radar recorders

The Veristore Voice and Radar Recorders provide unique levels of data security. They have dual redundant, hot-swap power supplies, and an internal rolling store, which is configured as a RAID 6 array, with sufficient capacity for a minimum storage period of 30 days, as specified by the ICAO.

The Veristore recorders use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) server technology and run under a  Linux operating environment. A Windows operating environment is available as an option for recorders that have a maximum of 32 voice channels. The recorders are also self-contained and run independently from any Veristore system software. The interfaces used with the recorders for audio include analogue, ED137, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), E1/T1 Digital, and Internet Services Digital Network (ISDN). For radar, serial High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) or IP are used.

Screen and CCTV recorders for airports

The ‘At the Glass’ (ATG) Screen Capture Recorder and CCTV Recorder are identical in architecture and provide an exceptional level of data security and redundancy. These recorders have dual redundant, hot-swap power supplies, and an internal rolling store, which is configured as a RAID 10 array, with sufficient capacity for a minimum period of 30 days, as specified by the ICAO.  Longer periods of data retention can be requested if demanded by regulatory requirements or local procedures.

Phoenix Recording can record screens up to and including 4K Screens, and available connections include, but are not limited to, VGA, DVI-I, DVI-SL, DVI-DL, Display Port, and HDMI.

Air traffic control central management systems

The Central Management System (CMS) is the hub of a Veristore Record and Replay System, communicating with all the recorders via the Veristore Ethernet Network. A straightforward, intuitive, graphical user interface enables the user to access the recorders and the recorded data quickly and efficiently. Information from all the recorders is displayed on a single large screen and all the recorded data can be accessed for live monitoring, replaying, or copying to an alternative storage location. Alarms and system information are displayed on the CMS screen, without the need to interrogate each recorder individually.

FISO recorders for airports

Phoenix Recording Systems identified the need for a high-quality, professional recorder for applications at smaller airports and aerodromes. Upon investigation, it appeared that the only readily available recorders were either costly or did not offer the features that are required to meet the relevant legislation and regulations.

A recorder for this environment must meet all international and national regulations and be economically attractive, with a low cost of ownership and a long in-service life. Recorders for smaller airports must also offer an extremely high level of security for the stored data and be easy to use while providing quick and straightforward access to the recorded data. In addition, an effective recorder must also be reliable, have comprehensive support from the manufacturer, and easy to install.

Please contact Phoenix Recording Systems for further details, additional product specifications regarding any of the features and products above, and the opportunity to discuss how a Veristore Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) Recorder can meet your current and future recording needs.

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Phoenix Recording Systems
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