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Sustainable Engineering and Consultancy Services

ADP Ingénierie is a consulting and engineering firm assisting airports in the development of their platforms.

Bât. 641 - Orly Parc,
Rue de la Fondation,
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ADP Ingénierie is a consulting and engineering firm assisting airports in the development of their platforms. The company is a part of the world-leading airport operations firm Groupe ADP.

Our team of experts leverages 70 years of experience in the airport industry and holds 750 accomplishments worldwide in design and engineering to provide clients with optimal solutions for the issues you are facing while managing your airport. During the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthened by its presence in 20 countries and its commitment to projects in 50 countries, ADP Ingénierie is more than ever at the side of its clients to assist them out of the crisis.

Airport consulting and engineering

ADP Ingénierie can reset infrastructure in an airport’s environment, assist airports facing saturation or an increase in traffic, as well as develop facilities that will help generate revenue or handle global issues.

ADP Ingénierie offers sustainable consultancy and engineering services for airports.
Our team holds more than 70 years of experience in the airport industry.
We work to create advanced solutions to anticipate future challenges for airports.
Our services take into consideration all aspects of an airport’s lifecycle. © Alain Leduc - ATOL
With advanced technology, we can analyse data to provide improved management infrastructure for airports.
ADP Ingénierie has completed more than 750 projects worldwide.

Combining the entire range of our expertise and the benefit of a close collaboration between engineers and architects, we can design an advanced solution to anticipate future airport challenges.

With our extensive experience, we have developed strong partnerships with our clients, answering their questions and helping identify key features and potential overlaps. With our methodology, we are able to adhere to all the specifications and propose innovative solutions. Our team approaches every problem with a solution that takes into account all the aspects of the airport lifecycle, as well as the geographical and cultural specifications.

Consulting services for airport sustainability

We believe an airport should be sustainable. It should work in strong collaboration with its environment and adopt a nature-focused approach to its development, as well as develop a strong relationship with regional and national authorities embracing corporate and social responsibilities with a long-term strategy.

Airports drive economic development and take part in designing the landscape. Our role is to ensure your airport finds its place in its environment to encourage the development of the region and the country. Most importantly, an airport must be human-friendly and provide a comfortable and seamless travel experience to its users.

Airports are now becoming increasingly connected. With the technology available, we are now able to connect and analyse a certain quantity of data that enables improved management infrastructure. Get to know your airport better to take the best decisions.

ADP Ingénierie provides solutions that keep your airport running while implementing them. Benefit from our experience and complete airport expertise to support the vision you have for your airport for the short, medium and long-term.

More than ever in the post-Covid-19 world, airports must find new ways to work and keep welcoming passengers in the safest conditions. We can accompany you at each step of the process: containing costs, operating the transition and adopting new methods. We bring you our solutions to your specific requirements and development objectives.

Planning, management, design and supervision services

We have an extensive range of strategic planning services, some of which include:

  • Holistic master planning (small, medium or large scale airports)
  • Airport facilities programming
  • Site selection
  • Functional planning of terminal buildings
  • Technical due diligence
  • Landside and urban planning
  • Logistics studies
  • Cargo planning
  • Security master planning
  • Airline route development

ADP Ingénierie’s project management services include:

  • Maintenance engineering
  • Commercial retail strategy and design
  • Traffic forecasts
  • Airline route development
  • Airport systems design
  • Environmental strategy
  • Noise impact assessment
  • Airside infrastructure design

Our design services feature:

  • Design review
  • Design of passenger terminal buildings, ATC towers and associated facilities
  • Interior design
  • Signage
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D video, rendering

Supervision services included:

  • Tender document preparation
  • Operations process review
  • Operational support
  • Construction supervision
  • Audit construction scheduling
  • Pavement condition survey

About ADP Ingénierie

Present in 20 countries with 420 employees, we embrace multiculturalism. Our teams are split between four business units in Paris, France; New York, the US; Dubai, UAE; and Hong Kong, with adjacent bureaus to be as close as possible to the project.

With regards to innovation, we also develop methods and processes that help us think outside the box and go beyond notebook case scenarios. Our global service offering is adapted to the changing needs of our clients. In this context, we develop a lot of building information modelling (BIM), simulation and other technology. We constantly build new solutions such as security, data management or the use of virtual reality.

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ADP Ingénierie France
Bât. 641 - Orly Parc
Rue de la Fondation
91200 Athis Mons