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Aircraft Refuelling Systems, Power Supply Solutions and Technical Consultancy Services for the Aviation Industry

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Norton Consultants provides technical consultancy services and designs aircraft refuelling systems for the aviation industry.

The company also develops high and low-voltage power supplies for refuelling equipment, as well as assists with installation to minimise disruption for client operations.

Aircraft refuelling systems for airports

Norton Consultants develops modern electrical and instrument (E&I) control system infrastructure for aircraft hydrant refuelling systems at major commercial airports.

The company designs and upgrades airport refuelling systems, as well as performs front-end engineering design (FEED) and feasibility studies.

Clients can receive assistance with detailed E&I design, equipment management and coordination, final documentation, project management, and commissioning.

Standby and high-availability power systems for airport refuelling applications

Norton Consultants provides standby and high-availability power solutions for the aviation industry, including battery-backed solar panel systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, and base-load generation systems.

The company’s portfolio of low and high-voltage power systems includes switchboards, control systems, cables, alarm systems and remote control interfaces.

Applications for these permanent power solutions range from commercial data centres and cool rooms to airport refuelling systems and industrial processing plants.

Norton Consultants also helps clients to integrate standby power systems in existing power systems, while minimising power disruption.

Power supply consultancy services, commissioning and supervision

The company helps to determine clients’ continuity and supply requirements, and negotiates with supply authorities on their behalf to reduce power demand tariffs.

It also offers commissioning and shutdown supervision to ensure that cut-over works are completed safely and efficiently.

About Norton Consultants

Norton Consultants provides technical and design expertise for a broad range of specialised industries, including the aviation and maritime sectors.

The company’s engineering, drafting and office staff work with other specialist consultants in the chemical, environmental, acoustic, civil and structural engineering sectors to provide comprehensive solutions for clients.

A large proportion of projects undertaken by Norton Consultants have been constructed in fully operational facilities, allowing the company to perform complex project scheduling, installation and commissioning.

White Papers

  • Aircraft Refuelling Capabilities

    Over the last two decades, Norton Consultants have been at the forefront in developing modern electrical control systems for airport refuelling systems at both major and minor commercial airports within the Australasian region.

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Level 1, 207 Blackburn Road
Mount Waverley
Victoria 3149