BEUMER Group is a leading supplier of baggage handling solutions for airports worldwide. We provide fully integrated high-speed, automated baggage handling systems for modern airport solutions. Using the latest proven technologies, the group builds and integrates systems for baggage check-in, transportation and sortation, early baggage storage and baggage claim.

BEUMER Group baggage handling solutions ensure the safe tracking and movement of passenger luggage to the right aircraft at the right time, meeting even the most time-critical schedules. Furthermore, each baggage handling system is tailor-made according to the airports’ individual specifications.

The group specialises in high-speed baggage handling systems and the solutions integrate technology for security screening, storage, sortation and transportation of departure and transfer baggage from check-in to loading, as well as handling of arrival baggage.

BEUMER Group has an unmatched reference list with over 1,500 installations worldwide. We have the experience and expertise to approach every project individual and in the context of our customers specific requirements.

Baggage lifting aids.
CrisBag® dynamic discharge.
Top load of bag from belt conveyer to CrisBag® tote.
CrisStore® rack-based early baggage storage (EBS).
The lane-based EBS system.
The BEUMER autover®.
An airport baggage handling control room using BEUMER Group's Software Suite.
The CrisBag® system.
BEUMER autover® discharge to make-up.
The LS-4000E tilt-tray sorter.

The group has a complete portfolio of airport baggage handling technology including the complete portfolio of sortation technology through its well-known Crisplant® product range, the world’s most energy efficient, high-capacity and secure sorting solutions. Our designs are all produced in-house at our own facilities. This gives us the ability to control every aspect of the value chain and enforce our own stringent standards for quality control and business integrity.

BEUMER Group offers a complete range of baggage handling solutions including the Crisplant® product range:

  • BEUMER autover®
  • CrisBag®
  • CrisClaim®
  • CrisBelt®
  • CrisStore®
  • CrisCheck®
  • Bag Forklift
  • Baggage Loader
  • Baggage Unloader
  • Baggage Manipulator
  • Automated Container Handling System
  • Automate Container Unloader

Airport software suite

The BEUMER Group Airport Software Suite combines some of the industry’s most advanced baggage handling system high level controls (BHS HLC) with intuitive, web-based user interfaces to introduce new levels of ease and efficiency to the baggage handling process.
Ensuring that each bag is safely delivered to the right destination demands high levels of visibility, control and traceability. This includes planning and management as well as statistical analysis of baggage flow and key performance indicators (KPIs).

It also requires advanced simulation, training and optimisation tools to deliver continual improvement in employee productivity and process efficiency.

Early baggage storage system (EBS)

An early baggage storage system (EBS) allows passenger bags to be checked in hours before flight time with the flexibility of retrieving the bag automatically at any time. An EBS system also manages peak volumes and reduces labour requirements considerably.

BEUMER Group offers a wide range of solutions including CrisBag® line based EBS, CrisStore® racking solutions and traditional conveyor storage solutions.

Baggage lifting aids and container handling

The baggage lifting aids and container handling systems are developed to reduce manual lifting for airport operators of both in-gauge bags as well as out-of-gauge bags. Our products within this category are:

  • Bag Forklift
  • Baggage Loader
  • Baggage Unloader
  • Baggage Manipulator
  • Automated Container Handling System
  • Automated Container Unloader

CrisBag® baggage handling system

The energy-efficient CrisBag® system, part of the Crisplant® product range, is a comprehensive baggage handling solution designed for use in airports, combining baggage sortation, screening, early baggage storage and transportation in one package. CrisBag® is a unique, tote-based baggage handling system combining sorting, storage and high-speed transportation in one system.

Baggage is transported in totes providing stable, uniform item handling, resulting in higher transportation speeds and therefore shorter connection times. Due to a special design, the tote allows efficient screening and gentle transportation of all baggage types, shapes and sizes.

CrisBag® benefits include:

  • Shortest connection times
  • Lowest IR rate
  • Optimal security
  • Modular space-saving design
  • 100% conveyability
  • Integrated RFID technology for 100% track and trace

BEUMER autover®

BEUMER Group designs, builds, and integrates high-speed baggage transport and sortation systems. These high speed baggage handling systems play a vital part in securing a fast and accurate transfer of baggage from terminal to terminal for shorter connection times and optimised passenger flow.

The BEUMER autover® independent carrier system (ICS), with the intelligent autoca® carrier, provides accurate and reliable baggage handling to enable airports to achieve industry-leading efficiency and transfer times. This ensures fast and careful delivery of each item of baggage to its correct destination.

LS-4000E tilt-tray sorter

BEUMER Group sets the standards for airport baggage sortation with the largest installed base of high-speed tilt-tray sorters globally.
The LS-4000E tilt-tray sorter features a wide range of benefits for airports including:

  • Baggage handling flexibility
  • Greener and more efficient energy system
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Low product lifecycle costs
  • Integration and layout flexibility
  • High capacity