For almost a decade our exclusive focus has been on below-the-wing operations. We have a proven suite of tools and methodologies to quickly and cost-effectively identify improvement opportunities in our clients’ businesses. Our consultants are all skilled senior managers with many years of experience running service businesses and proven track records when it comes to delivering results.

Our core areas of improvement are centred on labour planning and rostering, process improvement, as well as adoption and application of technology, specifically in:

  • Ramp and baggage handling
  • Ground support equipment (GSE) maintenance and airport safety monitoring
  • Improved management information systems (MIS)
  • Developing operational reporting systems
  • Application of LEAN with a deep understanding of airport service environments
  • Client and service cost segmentation and profitability modelling (cost to serve)

Aviation labour planning cost savings

We have helped our clients deliver labour planning cost savings in excess of 20% through our blend of aviation industry experience, business skills and sophisticated modelling software, including:

  • Cost and revenue improvements (opportunity identification, validation and delivery)
  • Workforce planning, rostering and management services
  • Process modelling, including simulation and scenario analysis
  • LEAN process improvements in service environments
  • Management development
  • Asset utilisation planning and management

Technology adoption and aircraft operations improvement

As equipment, processes and information technology become more advanced, businesses sometimes struggle to integrate and fully leverage these improvements to create quicker, safer and more reliable ways of carrying out their work. Our expertise has assisted our clients in understanding how new technologies can be harnessed to improve business processes, reduce costs, increase visibility and safety, and create a better customer experience.

Improformance has a strong focus on below-the-wing operations.
A graph showing the reduction in worked hours when it comes to breakdowns and unscheduled repairs.
A graph showing the reduction in maintenance hours over a 24 month period.
Process simulation approach and what-if scenario planning facilitates targeted improvement initiatives.
Schedule and labour demand visibility system allows roster options to be modelled and evaluated for cost and risk.

From aircraft turnaround management, online audits using iPads and Android tablets, vehicle telematics, cloud data systems and deploying new types of GSE, we will help clients see the integrated picture and drive business efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

GSE fleet equipment maintenance

Our proven methodologies have enabled our clients to reduce maintenance costs by 25% and at the same time improve equipment reliability by over 40%. We have implemented reliability centred maintenance (RCM II) in large GSE fleets and enabled clients to fully leverage the data in their workshop management system software and their telematic systems.

We have worked closely with workshop, telematic and speed-management software and technology providers to deliver the best operational performance possible from your GSE fleet.

This service includes:

  • Workshop management systems
  • GSE selection and preparation of all operational and support documentation for commissioning
  • Telematic systems, including GPS location, speed and acceleration data, accident alerts, geo-fencing, service monitoring, driver control and equipment access control
  • Parts and service supplier selection and negotiations, repair outsourcing

Aviation compliance and decision support services

Safety regulation and compliance issues affect all aviation industry stakeholders, including airlines, cargo, air navigation service providers and civil aviation authorities. We have developed a suite of services and solutions to enable airlines and airline service providers to meet and maintain their compliance to industry standards.

We assist our clients with developing documentation and processes, as well as the implementation of standards – ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environment), ISO22000 (food safety), ISO31000 (risk management) and IATA safety audit for ground operations (ISAGO) – all with a deep understanding of the complexity, stakeholder diversity and challenges of an airport-operating environment.

Documentation development services include:

  • Aircraft loading manuals
  • Ramp operations manuals
  • Policy and procedures, and safe work method statements
  • Documentation control and management (manual and online solutions)
  • Technical manuals
  • Statutory equipment testing
  • Regionalisation of load control

Training includes:

  • Theoretical / class course delivery
  • Competency-based delivery
  • On-the-job training support
  • Training programme development and evaluation
  • Training management solutions
  • Course content development

Compliance management includes:

  • Internal audit programme (establishment and audit support)
  • Second party audits (service providers / suppliers)
  • Management system reviews

Interim management support services

We provide our clients with more than just advice and suggestions. We provide experienced managers and specialists on an interim basis to assist with bedding down changes that ensure long-term benefits are actually delivered.

Our services in this area include:

  • Management support
  • Interim management (all levels)
  • Trainers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Start-up operations experts
  • Internal auditors

On top of the aforementioned services, over the years we have also assisted clients with:

  • Pre-investment feasibility studies
  • Preparation of contract bids
  • Outsourcing
  • Software implementation (specifically supporting SAP R3 implementations in service environments)
  • Implementation of ISO 9001 and local OH&S standards
  • Managing operational change programmes

If you think that there may be improvement opportunities in your business, in either asset improvements or labour unit costs savings, why not contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist you in quantifying and delivering these opportunities.