Vitrociset’s activity encompasses specialised technical services for high-level performance systems in the fields of air traffic management, command and control, integrated logistics for military and civil applications, space control and launching sites, telecommunications, logistics information systems, logical and physical security, environmental monitoring and info-mobility.

Automated systems for flight assistance and info-mobility

Vitrociset provides high-technology solutions in various transport sectors, which include automated systems for flight assistance and info-mobility as well as ad hoc equipment and services for road, port and highway applications.

Turnkey and communication systems for air traffic control

Air transport is a significant segment for Vitrociset. It has acquired high-level skills and has more than 40 years of proven experience in the air traffic control (ATC) field.

The most noteworthy systems offered by Vitrociset in the air transport sector, are:

Vitrociset has more than 40 years of proven experience in the air traffic control field (ATC).
Vitrociset offers air transport systems, including turnkey, communication and meteological.
Vitrociset designs and develops flight data processing systems used to file flight plans for civil aircraft.
  • Turnkey systems for area / airport ATC centres
  • Communication systems
  • Airport meteorological systems and regional / national forecasting centres
  • Systems for ground checks of nav-aid operational parameters

Flight data processing system

The flight data processing (FDP) system provides area control centres, approach units and tower controllers with advanced ATC services which considerably increase the operations capacity of ATC operators in terms of traffic volumes and safety.

FDP provides aircraft trajectory and air traffic predictions with 30-60 minute look-ahead times enabling air traffic controllers to detect in advance hazardous situations and make traffic planning adjustments accordingly.

Controller working position system

The controller working position (CWP) system developed by Vitrociset is a new-generation integrated solution providing the air traffic controller with a complete cutting-edge working position dealing with the interactive presentation of surveillance and FDP data. Vitrociset’s CWP system is in full compliance with the Eurocontrol common operational performance specifications (COPS).

Aeronautical information service system

The aeronautical information service system (AISS) is mainly intended to collect aeronautical data, file them in a centralised database and make them available to pilots all over the national territory in pre-flight information bulletin formats.

Message-switching systems for air traffic service exchange

The aeronautical fixed telecommunication network (AFTN/CIDIN) system is a message-switching application for the exchange of air traffic service (ATS) messages through AFTN/CIDIN networks.

The ATS message handling (AMHS) system is an application for the exchange of air traffic service (ATS) messages between users of the aeronautical telecommunication network (ATN). The AMHS system has been conceived as a response to the requirement from European ANSPs for an aeronautical communications standard hallmarked by enhanced functions and quality of service in the exchange of ATS messages.

It is intended to be a replacement to the current ATS message exchange systems using traditional AFTN / CIDIN protocols. The AMHS provides software architectural models and technical solutions for full compatibility and uniformity of the different types of ATN protocols which are now in use.

ATC tower product suite

TowerTOOL is a must for new-generation ATC towers in which all functionalities are to be available to controllers through a unique interface. TowerTOOL is a product suite comprising systems that can be modularly integrated so as to reach configurations meeting specific customer’s requirements at best.

Audio and video communications system for air traffic management

Vitrociset has developed a complete system for the acquisition, recording, reproduction and running of all of the audio and video communications concerned with air traffic management consoles. The store and replay (STAR ATC) system may be used in military and civilian contexts as well as for non-ATM applications.

Simulation system for air traffic controller training

In response to the increasing demand for safety and reliability, and following the remarkable growth in air traffic, Vitrociset has developed an innovative simulation system for the training of air traffic controllers.

The air traffic environment simulator (ATRES) is an air navigation simulator which is devised to generate virtual air traffic conditions benefiting training requirements for controllers to route arriving and departing aircraft safely and accurately.

The system may concurrently simulate several operational situations in an integrated fashion. In particular, air control, approach control, tower control and precision landing functions, such as ground controller approach (GCA) may simultaneously be performed in the same scenario.