ZZZleepandGo develops automated sleeping lounges to create a place for travellers to rest while waiting at the airport.

Based in Italy, ZZZleepandGo designs, produces and manages high-tech sleeping cabins and related solutions for airport installations, including more than 100 sleeping units in 2019 / 2020.

The solution allows the airport to generate extra revenue from non-primary locations both airside and landside.

Smart sleeping modules for airports

ZZZleepandGo smart lounges are continuously improved and updated to achieve the highest quality standards in compliance with international airport rules and regulations.

The ZZZleepandGo solution provides tired travellers with a place to rest in the airport.
Check-in and check-out procedures are managed by a virtual reception in the lounge.
Each high-tech cabin has an area of 3m² and is ideal for the modern traveller.
The company has obtained top-level fire regulation, eco-sustainability and safety control certificates for its sleeping modules.

Due to CE certification and high-quality building materials, the company provides top-level certificates in the fields of fire regulation, eco-sustainability and safety control.

Its fully automated cabins are compatible with industry-leading fire detection and reporting systems.

The pre-modelled ZZZleepandGo pods can be easily installed in a few hours, without disturbing airport operations.

With a 3m² area, each cabin is designed to be self-sufficient. This allows every installation to be profitable, including those with a limited number of units.

Fully automated sleeping pods equipped with state-of-the-art technology

The cabins use a wide range of technology to provide a positive experience for the traveller and satisfy the airport’s security and safety needs.

For example, foreign and missed object detection (FMOD) sensors have been developed to identify any misplaced or foreign objects left inside the cabin in real-time.

All devices installed inside the modules can be monitored via remote control by our customer service staff, who are responsive 24/7.

Check-in and check-out procedures are managed by a virtual reception, which registers and forwards to the local authorities all the requested pieces of information regarding customer identification and access control details, always in compliance with GDPR laws.

Tailor-made solutions are also available upon request.

Sleeping pod design, production, assembly and maintenance capabilities

ZZZleepandGo’s main goal is to oversee the whole process, from the creation, design and production of all components to the assembly of the modules. The entire production process is controlled by the company’s expert technicians.

With daily management and customer care under the responsibility of ZZZleepandGo, a local partner is always selected to be available on-site to take care of the daily cleaning and basic maintenance of the cabins.

Additional revenue generation from unused airport space

With the ZZZleepandGo solution, airports have the possibility to generate additional revenues from disused or non-commercial spaces.

The main advantages of the structures include:

  • A user-friendly, fully automated solution for the modern traveller
  • Extra revenues generated by non-prime locations
  • No investment required

Thanks to an innovative product from a brand with a strong reputation and presence among major online travel agencies (OTAs), it is possible to increase your average revenue per square metre while offering passengers a high-quality service.

The company business model is based on royalties and a minimum annual guarantee (MAG), which will be defined according to the type of space granted and the number of cabins installed.

Easy installation with minimal airport disruption

After one or multiple potential locations have been identified by the airport, an expert is sent to carry out all necessary verifications. Over the following days, a specifically detailed and optimised project will be prepared for the hosting structure.

Once the necessary authorisations are obtained, installation is fast and operated by ZZZleepandGo in accordance with the airport authorities.

Every module is delivered fully configured and ready to operate within a few hours.

About ZZZleepandGo

Established in 2015, ZZZleepandGo began as a university student’s project that quickly found its way into the hospitality world.

In September 2015, the first three fully automated units were installed inside Orio al Serio International Airport in Bergamo, Italy. Following an increase in 2017 to six units, the installation records a 100% night occupancy rate.

During 2018, an innovative new concept called OstelZZZ was created, delivering a revolutionary hostel with more than 100 sleeping pods to the city centre of Milan.

In April 2018, a strategic investor acquired a relevant stake in ZZZleepandGo, scaling the company up during 2019.

By the end of 2020, the company will be in at least six countries, with activities in 25 different international airports.