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Friction Measurement Systems and Global Runway Reporter Software for Airports

Moventor is a growing international manufacturer that specialises in friction measurement and runway reporting services for airports.

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Moventor is a growing international manufacturer that specialises in friction measurement equipment and global runway reporter software for airports.

Our core Skiddometer BV11 friction measuring equipment range is designed for continuous monitoring for airport runways and can be used with our runway reporting software.

Continuous airport surface friction tester and trailers

Moventor’s continuous friction measuring equipment (CFME) aims to determine the friction value measured from the whole length of the runway. This provides accurate results and allows for varying friction levels across the runway to be evaluated.

Skiddometer uses technology that has been developed for over 60 years, making it one of the most advanced measuring systems available on the market. We manufacture, deliver and service Skiddometer BV11 friction testing equipment worldwide.

Skiddometer BV11 is the world’s leading continuous friction measurement equipment.
Skiddometer BV11VI allows friction measuring to be carried out in adverse weather using any vehicle.
Our Skiddometer BV11VI airport runway friction tester can be integrated into any vehicle.
Moventor's Global Runway Reporter is designed to provide comprehensive information about runway conditions.

In addition to winter friction measuring, our CFME is also designed for wet friction measurement to check rubber accumulation on airport runways. We also provide spare parts, service and calibration with all Skiddometer friction testers.

Trailer and vehicle integrated friction measurement equipment

The Skiddometer BV11 airport runway surface friction measuring trailer system can be easily towed by any vehicle and has one of the lowest proven lifecycle costs on the market. Maintenance and calibration are only required once a year due to few of the surface friction device and car parts being exposed to wear. All models of the durable trailer can be modified with the latest parts and computer system.

Our Skiddometer BV11VI vehicle integration system has been adapted to use a electric lift system with our BV11 system and touchscreen computer. This allows the unit to be easily installed on most pick-up trucks without making any modifications to the vehicle. Skiddometer BV11VI ensures friction measurement can be carried out during adverse weather conditions with any vehicles, including four-wheel drive cars designed for these conditions.

Airport global runway reporter software

Moventor is experienced in runway reporting, which is required to supply pilots with information for safe take-off and landing. It provides information for notice to airmen about hazardous conditions due to snow or ice (SNOWTAM), in addition to graphical status information for air traffic control (ATC) and briefing.

Our Global Runway Reporter software can create customised screens with runway condition data, which can be used by ATC to see the status of the runway. Screens can be used for briefings to allow pilots to plan flight and take-off parameters. The software provides runway condition assessment to ensure airports are standardised in line with the Global Reporting Format (GRF) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

When runway condition data needs to be analysed, we offer a web module designed to facilitate analysis. We can adapt analysis tools according to customer requirements and run a high number of data reports, suitable to monitor runway conditions in winter and in summer.

Using the combination of runway contaminant and friction tester data, the programme can create a safety analysis to combine the value of the reporter runway conditions. This enables the creation of a support tool for inspectors to support runway condition code (RwyCC) decision-making with friction testing results.

About Moventor

Moventor is a provider of high-quality CFME, which is developed using high-performance components. We use local materials and components as much as possible at our factory in Finland.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we are always improving and serving our customers with cost-effective products and services.

Please contact us using the enquiry form and let us find the optimal solution for your needs.

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  • Global Runway Reporter Software

    Global Runway Reporter is an advanced software designed to make runway inspection and maintenance effortless and efficient, as well as Global Reporting Format standardisation.

  • Self-Wetting Systems for Skiddometer

    Besides using the Skiddometer during rain, slush, and snow conditions, the Skiddometer is also used for checking the runway surface condition and 'rubber build-ups' (runway calibration), therefore measuring wet friction at a water depth of 1mm.

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