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Apron Artificial Intelligence for Optimised Airport Operations

Assaia offers airport apron artificial intelligence (AI) software that turns ramp video into structured data.



Assaia offers airport apron artificial intelligence (AI) software that turns ramp video into structured data.

Data provided by Apron AI includes timestamps for turnaround events, alerts about hazardous situations, and predictions about how a turnaround will develop. This data helps airports, airlines and ground handlers to make their apron operations more efficient, safer and more sustainable. The results are improved on-time performance (OTP), better asset utilisation, and fewer accidents.

Airport apron video optimisation AI software

As a starting point, we rely on video streams from existing CCTV cameras to feed the AI. This allows our customers to realise the Apron AI’s benefits without a large upfront investment. Thanks to our integrations with major video management systems such as Genetec and Milestone, as well as our partnerships with leading camera manufacturers such as Axis, we can start generating data within a matter of hours.

Apron AI turns video feeds from ramp cameras into structured data, primarily timestamps for turnaround processes and events, in addition to coordinates, status, behaviour and interaction of objects or people on the apron.

Assaia provides apron artificial intelligence software for optimising operations.
Apron AI calculates data collected from video systems into turnaround information.
Assaia software can be used for monitoring ground handling operations at airports.
Apron AI uses data such as aircraft speed to improve on-time performance.
The software provides clear information about the status of the dolly.
When an aircraft is parked, the software shows the relevant information.

Assaia’s Prediction Engine works hand in hand with the Apron AI. It ingests the video stream, the freshly mined structured data and large amounts of historic data. Based on this, it accurately predicts turnaround events such as an aircraft’s off-block time (OBT), while the turnaround is still underway.

Operational and strategic decision-making software for airports

Our solution comes with several ready-to-use tools that transform the generated data into actionable insights, most prominently, the Assaia Turnaround Dashboard.

Our open application programming interfaces (APIs) allow us to interact with existing software such as airport operational databases (AODBs), dispatching tools and business intelligence packages, sharing data seamlessly. With this combination, our customers can start making improved operational and strategic decisions immediately after the solution’s deployment.

Real-time airport dashboard for situational awareness

Apron AI provides real-time monitoring of turnaround performance, which in turn enables ground staff to take interceptive measures to prevent delays.

The schedule for the specific turnaround is shown in the interface, and the ongoing processes are benchmarked against the plan in real-time. An alert is raised if a deviation is detected.

Unsafe or hazardous situations are identified and flagged so that personnel can resolve them before an accident occurs.

Predictions for proactive airport management

Predictions are updated by the minute and inform ground staff whether an aircraft will make it offblock on time. This enables the turnaround team to proactively implement countermeasures to safeguard OTP.

Furthermore, because airports now know when a specific gate will be available, they can allocate positions more efficiently.

Historic data for analytics and forensics

Data on every turnaround and apron scenario are stored for later analysis. We can use this data to identify best practices, uncover systematic causes for underperformance, measure the performance of every actor, and to automate billing processes.

Artificial intelligence airport management programme

Our data enables airports, airlines and ground handlers to increase human and asset productivity. Operations that are more efficient translate into lower cost and higher capacity, which can result in a positive outcome.

Our technology decreases the number of safety incidents on the ramp. Through historic and real-time insight, we can reduce hazardous situations.

Many of our customers also use our data to increase the sustainability of their operations. Less kerosene is consumed due to efficient gate allocation and the minimal amount of time required for the graphics processing unit (GPU) to connect.

About Assaia

Assaia aims to enable time-efficient and affordable air traffic by making the apron a more efficient, safe and sustainable place.

Based in Switzerland and the US, we combine years of experience in computer vision, artificial intelligence, apron and terminal management, as well as aviation information technology.

Our customers include leading industry airports, airlines and ground handlers such as British Airways, Toronto-Pearson Airport, and Swissport.

To deliver our service in an efficient manner, we rely on our strong partnership network, consisting of airport software suppliers such as SITA, Amadeus and INFORM, ADB Safegate, CCTV camera manufacturers, and video management vendors.

We offer a structured, 12-week pilot project to airports, airlines and handlers. We have designed the programme along the path of least resistance to quickly generate representative results and find out if the Apron AI can help you in your operations.

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