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High and Ultra-High-Pressure Airport Runway Cleaning Water-Jets

SMETS has more than 25 years' experience in the field of high and ultra-high-pressure water jetting technology for cleaning airport runways worldwide.

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SMETS has more than 25 years’ experience in the field of high and ultra-high-pressure water jetting technology for cleaning airport runways worldwide.

High pressure water jet runway cleaner

SMETS has engineered the ARC 1000 airport runway cleaner, a unique high pressure water jet system which operates at a pressure of up to 2,500bar or 35,000psi.

The ARC 1000 uses only high pressure water and does not require the addition of environmentally hazardous chemicals or expensive and damaging wire brushes. Today, ARC 1000 high pressure water jets maintain the safety of runways at the busiest airports in the world.

ARC 1000 may be configured for any or all of the following applications:

The tank and sound hood can be tilted hydraulically for maintenance purposes and for emptying the waste water tank.
The COMBI 7SW combined sewer cleaning truck.
The surface cleaner of the ARC 1000 in working position.
The sweeping device of the ARC 1000 consists of one cylindrical brush (under the chassis) and two conical brushes.
The rear washing device of the ARC 1000 is used to clean large areas without the application of brushes, in conjunction with a separate 80kW HP pump (190bar, 212l/min).
  • Rubber removal at up to 1,500m²/h
  • Line and marking removal
  • Apron cleaning
  • Oil and fuel oil spill recovery
  • Cleaning of maintenance areas

Self-contained, truck-mounted and customised water-jet runway cleaner

The ARC 1000 is self-contained and can be truck-mounted and tailor-made to suit the customer requirements. All functions necessary for the cleaning operation can be performed and controlled from the driver’s seat on the computer panel. When the surface has been water jetted, a powerful suction system sucks the debris into the built-in collection tank. The runway surface will be left almost totally dry and clean, ready for application of markings if required.

The truck is equipped with a hydrostatic slow-motion drive for a controlled optimum forward speed during the cleaning process of the rubber removal.

Runway waste water and rubber debris collection tank

Included in our specialised ARC 1000 runway rubber removal system is a vacuum tank for the collection of waste water and rubber debris.

Rubber removal and paint demarcation water-jets

Airport runway pavement maintenance programmes worldwide use high-pressure water-jet cleaning systems at 2,500bar or 35,000psi as the best method to achieve efficient runway cleaning.

Regardless of what your removal needs (including rubber and paint demarkation) are, our high-pressure water-jets will be able to do the job efficiently, and avoid the long-term damage to runways which is caused by other mechanical treatments or the environmental hazards created by usage of chemicals.

The worldwide-accepted ARC 1000 has been thoroughly tested by airports around the globe to apply fully with today’s maintenance demands as the most advanced, efficient, time-saving airport runway cleaning system.

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