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Modular Ultra-High-Pressure Water Blasting Technology for Rubber and Marking Removal, Surface Cleaning, and Retexturing

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traffic-lines is a young and innovative company from Montabaur, Germany, in the field of ultra-high pressure water technology. It was founded in 2014 as a sales company of Maschinenbau Cernota GmbH, which has more than two decades of experience in the ultra-high pressure water technology industry.

With this experience, traffic-lines sells products that ensure the clean, gentle, and efficient removal of rubber abrasions from runways, and road markings.

traffic-lines always stands for innovation. With the company‘s patented annular gap suction system, it has established a technology that combines high-performance cleaning with gentle surface treatment and effective operation. Customers appreciate this just as much as the modular design of the products, with different working configurations, size classes, and performance levels. In this way, traffic-lines offers an individually tailored, perfectly fitting, and always expandable solution for every customer requirement.

As acompany, traffic-lines aims to make existing products that little bit better, create the perfect customer experiences with innovations, and constantly open up new fields of business.

Patented ultra-high-pressure water blasting technology

Gentle and efficient to get the job done

With traffic-line’s patented ‚annular gap suction system‘, customers achieve a new level of cleaning results. The powerful suction of up to 32,000 m³/h prevents water accumulation inside the hood. This makes it possible to treat the surfaces with less pressure, making it more gentle and efficient.

  • No accumulated waste water inside the suction hood
  • Ultra-high-pressure water jet hits the surface directly, resulting in a significantly higher and more efficient cleaning performance
  • Up to 32,000 m³/h suction performance- continuous suction process of removed material, water, and marking remnants
  • Suction pipes: 250 mm (10“) in diameter
  • Almost dry surface


traffic-lines duo twister

For airport runway cleaning, rubber removal, and retexturing

  • Patented technology
  • Made in Germany
  • Up to 3,000 bar/43,511 PSI
  • Working width 3.10m/4.20m
  • Up to 6,000m²/h area performance
  • Up to 32,000m³/h suction performance (almost dry surface)
  • Modular system
  • Sustainable
  • Maximum cleaning and suction performance
  • Stepless electrical hight adjustment for overdriving landing fires (AGL)

The patented traffic-lines duo twister is the top solution for all runway cleaning tasks. With its working width of up to 4.20m, and the two rotating hoods, it removes any rubber particles or oil contamination on the runway extremely effectives, reliably, and quickly. With up to 6,000 m²/h, its area performance is unmatched.

Other areas where the traffic-lines duo twister can be used include:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Porous asphalt surfaces
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Bituminous floor surfaces
  • Special asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Noise-reducing surfaces
  • Anti-slip covering
  • Restoring infiltration capability
  • Removing concrete sediment


traffic-lines dynamic double twister

The MultiTool for rubber and marking removal, cleaning, and retexturing

  • Patented technology
  • Made in Germany
  • Up to 3,000 bar/43,511 PSI
  • Working width up to 1m
  • Up to 32,000 m³/h suction performance (almost clean surface)
  • Modular system
  • Sustainable
  • Maximum cleaning and suction performance

The traffic-lines dynamic double twister is the multitool among the traffic-lines front modules.

Thanks to its two hoods, the dynamic double twister can be used in versatile and variable ways.

Depending on the task, the hoods can be arranged side by side or one behind the other, allowing either a large area to be cleaned, or a marking to be removed effectively.

The traffic-lines dynamic double twister opens up new possibilities for customers and also saves time and money through fast and efficient cleaning.


traffic-lines dynamic twister

The specialist in marking removal

  • Patented technology
  • Made in Germany
  • Up to 3,000 bar/43,511 PSI
  • Working width up to 500 mm (19,7“)
  • Up to 32,000 m³/h suction performance (almost clean surface)
  • Modular system
  • Sustainable
  • Maximum cleaning and suction performance

With the patented traffic-lines ultra-high-pressure water blasting technology, the dynamic twister removes all types of markings efficiently and gently, leaving the road surface almost dry thanks to the powerful suction. This makes the traffic-lines dynamic twister the specialist tool for marking removal.


traffic-lines automated joint cover

The only one of its kind in the world; the automated joint cover function enables automatic protection of any type of joint in the ongoing marking removal process, such as bitumen or transverse joints, in the usual widths and without the need for additional personnel. The standard operating speed of the traffic-lines twister can be retained in use. It is controlled by the machine operator via a remote console.

Thanks to traffic-lines twister’s modular construction, this intelligent equipment option can be retrofitted at any time.


traffic-lines water loop

  • Significant reduction of fresh water consumption
  • Continuous operation
  • Additional increase in surface performance
  • Significant waste reduction of up to 80%

The traffic-lines water loop water treatment system converts the used liquid into fresh, water which can be used again several times for the surface treatment. This avoids the need to refill with fresh water or dispose of any waste water. This process saves a lot of time and considerably increases the performance area.

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