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Hydroblasting Solutions for Rubber and Pavement Marking Removal at Airports

traffic-lines develops marking and rubber removal technologies for aviation environments.

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tl traffic lines

traffic-lines develops marking and rubber removal technologies for aviation environments.

Offering pressures up to 3,000bar (43,500psi), the traffic-lines duo twister hydroblasting solution only uses water, making it a more environmentally friendly system.

The device treats relevant areas with a high-pressure water jet and immediately recollects used water with the removed material.

The traffic-lines duo twister has a working width of up to 3m (9.8ft). This new machine will be launched at inter airport 2017 in Munich and be available from mid-2018.

Rubber and marking removal using only water

traffic-lines’ hydroblasting system features an innovative patented suction hood that reliably removes markings without damaging road surfaces and with only a low elution of bitumen.

Following the removal process, surfaces are almost dry with reduced siltation.

With its modular design, traffic-lines duo twister can be customised to meet a client’s requirements.

Innovative and modular hydroblasting solution

As a result of its innovative use of mass-produced components and modular design, the traffic-lines duo twister hydro-blaster offers a significant price / performance ratio and be used out of season as a conventional road sweeper.

The device can be fitted to an existing sweeper machine or equipped with an intelligent water reuse system.

The traffic-lines twister is manufactured exclusively in Germany in modern production facilities, ensuring high-quality for buyers.

Intelligent water recycling and filtration systems

The traffic-lines twister’s water recycling system, known as the traffic-lines water loop, eliminates the need for time-consuming filling and draining procedures during operation to ensure quicker turnaround times and reduced resource consumption.

Purified water can be optionally stored or fed back into the process, with pressures of up to 3,000bar, without any problems.

The high-performance suction system fitted to the traffic-lines duo twister ensures residual-free water is recycled back into the machine.

About traffic-lines

traffic-lines is a new company that builds on the years of experience of a medium-sized German engineering firm, as well as extensive know-how in rubber removal and marking.

The company was founded in order to provide more innovative, customer-specific rubber and marking removal technology worldwide.

traffic-lines combines experience and innovation to benefit customers and improve marking removal processes so that they cause less damage to road surfaces.

Traffic-lines Goes Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, our latest upgrade: telemetric system traffic-lines connect with worldwide access via mobile devices.

tl traffic-lines GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Straße 12

56410 Montabaur