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Since the 1980s, Terma has supported the Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry with automated communications and information systems and is today a leading global supplier of ATM solutions in data link and information systems for communications, navigation and surveillance.

A cost-effective air traffic situation display (radar display processing system) has been added to the product portfolio and recently, as an integrated part of continuous research and development efforts within ATM, Terma introduced a cost effective 2k by 2k LCD monitor, a new generation of data display monitors.


Terma offers a full range of ATIS / VOLMET solutions, ranging from standardized cost-efficient fully automated ATIS system to state-of-the-art data-link ATIS / VOLMET systems.

The Terma ATIS / VOLMET system at Helsinki Vantaa Airport provides enhanced information flow and a single point-of-input for onward automatic distribution of pertinent information to 13 domestic airports, also equipped with Terma systems.
Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport is one of the first few airports in the world that have installed the state-of-the-art data link and voice pre-departure clearance system from Terma.
ATC*ISS, Terma Information Support and Display System, features user-friendly HMI that is highly configurable to suit customer needs. Seen here is one of our ATC*ISS installed sites at Frankfurt / Langen Airport Control Centre.
The new plug & play monitor is a direct "one-to-one" replacement of SONY analogue DDM2800 monitors, offering unchallenged sharpness and brightness.
TERADS is a cost efficient air traffic situation display currently in operation across Norway.

ATIS / VOLMET FLEX is a high-end system that supports data link. It is most suitable for international airports with a high traffic load. In a wide area network design, ATIS / VOLMET FLEX is often installed at a capital airport with a data link gateway that supports multiple local ATIS systems at regional sites. The human machine interface provides a single user-friendly interface for both data link and voice communications.

ATIS / VOLMET FLEX supports both SITA and ARINC networks and will also support ATN when the market demands it. In many instances, Departure Clearance is added to the data link platform as our customers see it as a logical step to enhance the ATC operation. Terma has maintained its market leader position as the global preferred ATIS / VOLMET supplier with more than 200 systems installed worldwide.

ATIS PLUS is a fully automated ATIS system ideal for regional airports. Its standardized features include all that is needed for an ATIS service. Automatic broadcast is complemented by manual recording and input whenever it is needed.


The Terma Information Display & Support System, ATC*ISS, helps the controller focus attention on air traffic situation by providing a single point of access to all types of data needed for ATC operation. Data are retrieved quickly and presented in an easy-to-read format. A wide range of static and dynamic data is supported. 40 ATC*ISS systems have been installed at locations worldwide.


Terma’s DCL / PDC system has been developed in close cooperation with ANSPs and air traffic controllers. It is in operation at several prestigious airports including Hong Kong International Airport and Copenhagen Airport. Benefits include data integrity enhancement that contributes to improved safety, reduced workload of controllers and pilots and minimized ground delay.


LINKAGE ADS-B surveillance and navigation platform supports VDL M4, Mode S Extended Squitter and Combined Mode S ES and VDL M4 solutions. Applications include TIS-B, FIS-B and GRAS. LINKAGE is currently being supplied to NUPII project member states.


TERADS is a cost-efficient traffic situation display available in three modules. TERADS TWR is the ideal traffic situation display for small- to medium-size airport towers. TERADS BACKUP is a radar display backup system for area control and approach centres that offers instantaneous switchover. TERADS RADS, the integrated radar and ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) module, is a perfect solution to monitor air traffic over remote areas or tough terrains. TERADS is currently used for all three applications at multiple sites in Norway.


TP2800 is a new generation of data display monitors targeting the air traffic control work positions.

The new plug & play monitor is a direct “one-to-one” replacement of Sony analogue DDM2800 monitors, offering unchallenged sharpness and brightness. The graphics controller has been developed in response to the recommendation of the UK Civil Aviation Authorities, which states that for safety reasons no processing of the display data should occur inside the display.

The monitor utilizes TruePixel© technology to ensure the absolute accuracy of the display without pixel processing. With no requirement for any hardware or software changes to implement this display solution, customers are offered a one-to-one solution to replace existing SONY DDMs.

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