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Manufacturer of Aircraft Refuellers and Hydrant Dispensers

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Aircraft refueller

STOKOTA manufactures road tankers, trailers and semi-trailers for the transport and delivery of fuels according to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

Fuel distribution vehicles for the aviation sector

STOKOTA is an international producer of industrial road vehicles such as aircraft refuellers, hydrant dispensers and industrial cleaners.

The company designs and creates tanks in aluminium, stainless-steel or carbon steel plate to provide fully equipped units. Tanks are automatically welded and tested through radiographic checks on the capacity measurement, pressure test, welded joints and safe loading.

STOKOTA manufactures custom-made solutions to achieve optimal efficiency and ergonomics for the user at a low lifecycle cost.

Semi-trailer refuellers can carry up to 40,000l of fuel.
The majority of the company's equipment is designed and built in-house.
STOKOTA is a specialist in industrial aircraft refuelling vehicles and hydrant dispensers.
Tanks are available in aluminium, carbon steel plate and stainless-steel.
All vehicles feature a measuring and monitoring system designed especially for refuelling helicopters and aircraft.
STOKOTA offers bespoke, modular hydrant dispensers with flow rates of up to 40,000l/min.
The R1D hydrant dispenser offers a hydraulic lifting platform, a closed sampling system, and an 11m intake line.
Previous projects by STOKOTA include a series of military aircraft refuellers for the Belgian Air Force.
Tanks are automatically welded and tested using radiographic checks.
STOKOTA's cost-efficient, tailor-made solutions provide optimal efficiency and ergonomics for users.

The majority of the equipment, ranging from the framework to electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components, is designed and built in-house.

Semi-trailer and rigid aircraft refuellers

STOKOTA offers rigid refuellers with tank capacities from 7,000l to 25,000l, as well as ADR-compliant, fully aluminium tanks with various chassis options.

Tanks are fitted with an underwing and overwing hose reel, and are available with flow capacities from low flow (up to 1,000l/min) through one hose reel, and up 3,800l/min through two deck hoses on a semi-trailer aircraft refueller.

Semi-trailer refuellers feature capacities varying from 35,000l, 40,000l and 45,000l, available in both oval shape and ‘low profile’ or ‘underwing execution’, and a 60,000l and 85,000l version in double D section.

The towing vehicle can be fitted with a complete lifting platform and an enclosed metering and operating cabinet.

All vehicles are fitted with a measuring and monitoring system, which is specifically designed for the refuelling of aircraft and helicopters, and is fully compliant with the ATEX Directive and the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).

Air-site, or dual air and road-site configurations are available, with single or twin axles, and an optional lifting platform.

Bespoke hydrant dispensers

STOKOTA manufactures hydrant dispensers according to the customer’s specification.

The modular design of the dispensers enables a variety of options, and flow rates can vary up to 4,000l/min.

Hydrant dispensers range from standard high-flow configurations to low-profile executions (height less than 2m), both with high or low-flow levels. The dispensers are equipped with a lifting platform to access the latest generation airplanes such as the A380 or B777.

Ergonomics, safety and advanced technology are key features from STOKOTA’s hydrant dispensers.

The R1D hydrant dispenser features:

  • A 4 x 2 chassis
  • Flow rate of 3,500l/min through two deck hoses
  • Flow rate of 1,000l/min through one hose reel
  • 11m intake line (4in hose) with 3m extension pantograph. Optional execution in full pantograph
  • Hydraulically powered lifting platform with 4.3m floor height
  • 4in deck pantograph or hoses
  • 4,000l/min filter or water separator
  • Wireless deadman system
  • Closed sampling system with pneumatic shell water detector and recovery tank with electronic level sensor


Established in 1963, STOKOTA initially specialised in the manufacture of welded storage tanks. In 1967, the company started producing road tankers, quickly becoming a market leader in the Benelux region.

STOKOTA has successfully built commercial and military aircraft refuellers for the Eastern European market, and a collection of 25 military units for the Belgian Air Force, implementing bespoke designs with the latest technology and a high level of quality.

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Products & services

  • Aircraft Refuellers

    The Aircraft Refueller is suitable for under-wing and over-wing aircraft refuelling operations. It is assembled on a fully equipped three-axle truck chassis, and can be adapted for left or right-hand traffic, with refuelling being carried out from the driver's side.

  • Military Aircraft Refuellers

    Suitable for over and under-wing refuelling, Stokota's military aircraft refueller is assembled on a three-axle truck chassis, adapted for left or right hand traffic, and operated from the driver's side.

  • Semi-Trailer Aircraft Refueller

    Semi-trailer refuellers are available in oval-shaped, 'low-profile' or 'under-wing' variants, which feature capacities ranging from 35,000l and 40,000l, or as a 60,000l double-D version.

  • Standard High-Flow and Low-Profile Hydrant Dispensers

    Stokota's high-flow hydrant dispensers are assembled on a two-axle truck chassis, which can be adapted for left or right-hand driving, and operated on the driver's side. The dispensers provide a nominal flow rate of 3,500l/min through two deck hoses and 1,200l/min through one hose reel.

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