Redline Communications is a leading provider of specialized wireless broadband systems for high-performance distributed applications such as last-mile access, backhaul, private networks, video surveillance and data acquisition systems. Redline radios provide Ethernet wire-like performance and are designed to perform optimally in industrial applications where temperature, moisture, vibrations and wind are extreme.

Wireless broadband systems for ultra high-speed IP networking

Airports and marine ports around the world use Redline’s solutions in their most challenging environments to enable ultra high-speed IP networking everywhere. Redline’s award-winning products are used in more than 150,000 installations in 130 countries through a network of partners.

Multiple radio technology

Redline radios use the latest multiple radio technology along with high power receivers to offer unparalleled coverage of airport property. Across airfields and through concrete terminals, Redline’s MIMO radios don’t require line of sight and are available in a myriad of frequencies so that interference with existing systems is never a problem.

High-security and anti-tamper radios for US military

Redline is the industry’s most secure radio with US military certified encryption and authentication. In fact, the US Department of Defense has installed more Redline broadband radios for active theater operations than any other manufacturer. No other wireless solution offers as many security and anti-tamper features as Redline.

Complete perimeter coverage.
Non-line-of-sight operation.
Unparalleled wireless video performance.
Many frequencies available.

Mobile devices for connectivity in airports

Redline also supports mobile devices either as moveable kiosks or Wi-Fi-enabled PDAs, laptops and bar-code scanners. Redline’s ultra-fast bridging functionality allows seamless connectivity throughout the airport.

Wireless radios for use with video camera systems

Redline radios allow for better performance of video camera systems and are recommended by Pelco, Bosch, Axis, Sony and Panasonic for use with their highest resolution H.264 cameras. Redline is the only wireless system certified
by Pelco for use with over 150 cameras.

Redline supports more cameras at higher resolutions than any other wireless option. Combined with VideoLINK software, the radios provide smoother and more responsive pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) functionality and iris lighting control as well as faster response for advanced video functions (AVF) like license plate recognition, color recognition, motion detection and event triggers (alarms). These advantages in video are the result of a ground-up radio design for this application.

Radios designed for installation in existing airport systems

Redline radios are designed for fast and transparent installation within existing airport systems. The radios can be plugged directly into the same midspan (switch) that is used for your IP video camera network. This means no additional power or network cabling installation is required. They have integrated antennas so there is no need for a RF cable either. Since they function as transparent bridges there is no complex software setup or configuration. A Redline radio can be installed in minutes.

Radios with industrial standard durability

Redline radios are waterproof certified to IP-67 (submersible) standard, have a lifespan rating (MTBF) of 29 years and have been HALT™ tested for industrial use durability. The powder-coated ANSI-A360 aluminum / magnesium alloy case resists corrosion from salt and harsh chemicals. The radio’s operating temperatures are from -65°C to +75°C (-85°F to +165°F) without the need of cooling fans or heaters.