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Air Traffic Management Solutions

Indra Navia supplies some of the world's leading air traffic management organizations and airports, developing systems that keep airspace safe in critical situations, 24/7.

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Indra Navia supplies some of the world’s leading air traffic management organizations and airports, developing systems that keep airspace safe in critical situations, 24/7.

A focus on long-term value

The company possesses a depth and breadth of knowledge that has been accumulated over 90 years, in 111 countries and with over 1,000 unique customers. A blend of highly competent professionals, reliable systems and dedicated services and support translates the initial investment into long-term value for the customer.

Reputable portfolio of brands

Included in our portfolio are market-leading and internationally-recognized brands, such as NORMARC landing systems, GAREX voice communication control systems and NOVA airport surveillance and guidance solutions. Indra Navia’s solutions are used on every continent, including major hubs such as London’s Heathrow and Gatwick, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly, Switzerland’s Zurich and Geneva, Toronto, Dubai International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Seoul.

Flexible solutions

As a part of Indra, Indra Navia is uniquely positioned to provide integrated solutions for multiple-site, country-wide installations. We tailor solutions to the customer’s requirements to ensure the highest standards of safety, efficiency and reliability are met.

Indra Navia has over 90 years experience in 111 countries.
Indra Navia’s GAREX 220 VCCS is built on a single software and hardware platform for simplicity, flexibility, and scalability.
Highly customizable NORMARC navigational aids deliver benchmark performance, while improving capacity and reducing maintenance costs.
The NOVA 9000 suite of air traffic control systems (ATCS) enables air traffic controllers to easily cope with a high volume of aircraft movements under all weather conditions.
Indra Navia’s solutions are supported by a range of professional services including systems maintenance, installation, training, integration and operational consulting.

Modern air traffic management

On a wider scale, we are helping to facilitate the modernization of air traffic management capabilities and ensuring state-of-the-art technology worldwide, as an active participant in Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR).

GAREX – scalable voice communication control systems (VCCS)

GAREX’s flexibility has been designed with airports’ diverse needs in mind and supports the latest standard for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) integration to be well-positioned for evolving infrastructure requirements. This unique property makes it suitable for customers of any size, whether you operate a small airport or large area control center.

GAREX 220 delivers a unique combination of extremely high quality and low overall lifecycle costs. This is the result of more than 50 years of experience and continuous innovation in design, development, manufacturing and delivery of voice communication control systems. We work closely with end-users to define functionality they need, and constantly build these capabilities into GAREX solutions as standard features.

NORMARC navigational aids – industry leading landing systems

Our NORMARC product range includes DVOR and DME solutions, and our ILS portfolio, which has been the industry benchmark for more than 30 years. These solutions enable pilots to navigate and land under difficult weather conditions, with precise information from the localizers and glide path helping the aircraft to touchdown on the runway. Over 100,000,000 safe landings have been carried out with help from NORMARC at around 1,000 airports worldwide. The reliability, flexibility and accuracy offered make our navaids valuable for airports and air navigation service providers aiming to attract new airlines, improve capacity, reduce maintenance cost and enhance passenger safety.

The world’s first GPS-based landing system used in regular commercial traffic was designed by Indra Navia, and forms the basis for the NORMARC 8100 Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS). Funded by the SESAR Community and EUROCONTROL under SESAR project 15.3.6, it provides significant capacity, efficiency, safety and environmental benefits for airlines, airports and air navigation service providers.

NOVA 9000 – flexible tower solutions

With the current growth in air traffic, you must handle more and more movements safely and efficiently, even in difficult weather conditions.

The Indra Navia NOVA 9000 suite of air traffic control systems (ATCS) provides you with complete control of air traffic movements, on and around the airport. Whether it is a fully integrated Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS), an Approach System or a small area control center, we can configure or expand each system to suit your needs.

We can configure or expand NOVA 9000 to fit any airport’s requirements, for example a fully integrated tower system, an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS), a tower and approach system or an Electronic Flight Strip System (EFSS).

Services and support for reliable operations

With virtually zero downtime as a primary goal, air traffic management systems are only as good as the support behind them. Indra Navia understands that operational success is built on combination superior systems and products backed by reliable, highly responsive services and support. Over a long lifespan, service and support plays a crucial role in realizing the potential value of air traffic management systems.

The MEDALS Services and Support Program comprises four different levels of support designed to match your unique requirements. Bronze, silver and gold MEDAL support levels all include a basis support package, with each consecutive level containing additional and enhanced services. Get in touch with our services and support team and we will be happy to discuss your support needs.

Benefits of our services and support MEDALS program include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Expertise on call
  • Responsiveness
  • Peace of mind
  • End-to-end service
  • Quality standards
  • Comprehensive training programs
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Press Releases

  • Indra Navia's NOVA 9000 Expands to KLIA2

    Indra Navia, an air traffic management subsidiary of Indra, recently signed a major contract to expand the NOVA 9000 surveillance system at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to accommodate the new terminal at KLIA2.

  • Successful NORMARC GBAS Interoperability Test for Frankfurt Airport

    Indra Navia has recently completed a successful interoperability test for the NORMARC Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) against an airborne receiver for Category III approaches. Funded by the SESAR Community and EUROCONTROL under SESAR project 15.3.6, Indra Navia has developed a prototype CAT III GBAS ground station.

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