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Metratech, now part of Ericsson, provides global commerce innovation solutions for automated business processes to the aviation industry.

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Metratech, now part of Ericsson, provides global commerce innovation solutions for automated business processes to the aviation industry.

Software for aviation revenue collection

MetraTech empowers businesses to embrace change through a unique agreements-based™ billing, commerce and settlement solution that models and supports fluid, personalised, multi-party agreements for customers, partners and suppliers across communications and media, financial, cloud, transportation and other business-to-business areas. Customers use our billing platform MetraNet® to innovatively create and securely collect revenue, provide settlement to partners and manage their customer lifecycle in 36 languages, 28 currencies and 150 countries.

MetraTech’s Transportation Blueprints supports aviation, concessions and cargo billing. Leading airports around the world, such as Chicago O’Hare International Airport and GRU São Paulo International Airport, rely on the MetraNet platform to bill and collect revenue for aviation and non-aviation services.

The Transportation Blueprints manages the complexities of airport operations by billing for aviation, concessions and cargo services from one powerful system and providing essential billing data for real-time operational decision-making facilitated by integrated information across aviation and non-aviation revenue sources.

A common system for aviation, concessions, cargo, or other businesses contained within the airport complex.
Supports financial models that involve complex calculations based on Airport Use Agreements and contracts. Our easy to configure billing system fits the needs of any airport.
Grow revenue outside of aviation services with malls and properties, convention centers, and hotels.
Implement as is or modify for use with other cargo related businesses such as seaports or rail stations.
The MetraNet deployment at GRU moved from contract signing to live deployment in just nine weeks.

A modern billing solution

MetraTech’s Transportation Blueprints are an end-to-end billing and multi-party settlement solution that handles all aspects of agreements and partnerships, from billing to invoicing and reporting for aviation, concessions and cargo billing models. All services and activities are tracked from a single source, providing precision and accurate financial reporting for all services, maximising revenues and driving operational efficiency.

MetraTech is unmatched in meeting time-to-revenue for new airport services while integrating with existing financial systems. For example, at GRU São Paulo International Airport, MetraNet was operational in just nine weeks after contract signing and billing for both aviation and concession services. If you have been tasked to modernise the billing within airport operations and integrate disparate sources of data across aviation and non-aviation services, MetraTech can help.

Billing management for the aviation industry

MetraNet’s Aviation Blueprint is pre-configured with standard aviation billing models and is easily modified to match airport specific requirements. The robust models can be used for simple, straight-forward billing models as well as more complex models. Models include both recurring and activity based invoicing billable in advance and in arrears covering both commercial passenger and cargo aircraft. Our easy to configure billing system fits the needs of large and small hub airports. The Aviation Blueprint includes the following billing models:

  • Landings and departures
  • Aircraft fueling
  • Aircraft parking
  • Hangar rental
  • Use of building space
  • Land rental
  • Utilities

Managing bills from hotels to parking and duty-free

MetraNet’s Concessions Blueprint is pre-configured with concession billing models. Many airports are not limited to aviation. Modern airports are developing into airport cities to meet the needs of passengers. Services like ground transportation, concessions, shopping malls, hotels and parking require a billing solution to support these business models.

Airport fees for use of the terminal area, buildings, land and utilities mirror similar aviation billing Blueprints. Billing models that are unique to concession services are based on revenue. Transportation use such as car rentals, vehicle parking, taxies, etc. may have surcharges or permits associated with them. The Concessions Blueprint includes the following billing models:

  • Use of Building Space
  • Land Rental
  • Utilities

A billing blueprint for air freight

MetraNet’s Cargo Blueprint is pre-configured with cargo billing models. It can be used directly or modified for use with other cargo related businesses such as seaports or rail stations. Like the aviation models, the cargo models are robust enough that they can be used for the simple, straight-forward billing models and more typical complex models. The Cargo Blueprint includes the following billing models:

  • Cargo handling
  • Storage
  • Tariff and import fees
  • Transfer fees
  • Special handling fee
  • Fixed fees
  • Security

Improve profits and transparency

MetraTech’s Transportation Blueprints include several key benefits including maximising revenues. MetraNet provides real-time tracking and invoicing of all services. It can reduce payment delays and limit unbilled services, with consistent, full visibility for all services.

MetraNet also increases speed and efficiency through a fully automated billing process. Clients can begin collecting revenue from new services within weeks. Cost savings are achieved through a single integrated billing platform that supports rates and charges for all airport services.

MetraNet will also improve reporting and auditing capabilities. Customers will be able to track revenues across all airport operations for a timely analysis and provides real-time visibility for financial planning, and support regulatory requirements.

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    MetraTech Corp., the leading provider of agreements-based billing™, commerce and settlement solutions, today announced the delivery of MetraNet® 7.1, which builds on MetraTech's ability to empower businesses to easily and fluidly monetise all relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.


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  • MetraTech Transportation Blueprints

    MetraTech's Transportation Blueprints support transportation billing for aviation, cargo and concessions with pre-configured service templates to get started while providing easy configuration to meet every business's unique requirements.

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