TSI is a global operations solution and technology provider for the aviation industry.

Our unique 30-year experience has enabled us to solve customer challenges with our digital, technological and operational services.

TSI works closely with airlines to solve problems in airside turnaround management using state-of-the-art digital solutions such as Rapid.

Digital application for optimised airport turnarounds

The Rapid platform is a combination of digital apps and industrial sensors that allow airports to sense and capture turnaround data to give a real-time situation awareness of turnaround operations.

TSI provides automation technology for airport ground handlers.
RapidSense is one of our automation technologies for aircraft turnarounds.
Our technology allows airports to consolidate the view across network operations.
Rapid shows the live status of each aircraft turnaround.
Our technology allows airports to predict turn delays.
Rapid Mobility is used by ramp agents for optimised airside operations.
TSI software gives airports a complete summary of turn operations.

Rapid is focused on how we capture, integrate, process and visualise data. With RapidSense, you sense and capture turnaround data using next-generation industrial sensors and a mobile app. With automated data capture you integrate your team across different stations with independent working patterns.

With an integrated data platform, you can manage and assess the impact of your turnarounds across multiple stations. By applying intelligence on a single source of data you can explore new opportunities to reduce turnaround delays and increase aircraft utilisation.

For airlines, Rapid removes operational barriers to improving overall visibility and control across operations. For ground-handlers, Rapid eliminates revenue losses and adds value by improving operational efficiency and the quality of service delivery.

Live visibility of turnaround operations

The live status module provides a complete schedule of all the flights you need to manage. With live status, you get a summary status of the turnaround activities for each allocated flight.

For each flight, you can zoom-in to see the status of each turnaround task and who is completing it. With live status, you have a complete overview of your resources across different flights.

Mobile app for airside turnarounds and ground crew

Rapid provides two ways to capture task information and measure the performance of your ground crew.

The app allows the ground crew to stay on top of the daily schedule, capture the status of turnaround tasks, get notifications on flight arrivals and departures, and view task performance reports.

RapidSense is an innovative automation solution that uses a range of industrial sensors to sense and capture asset allocation and turnaround activities. Using Rapid Sense, airlines receive insights into individual and team turnaround times, as well as the quality of the work performed.

Optimised aircraft turnaround operations

Rapid captures and collates information on your assets and turnaround tasks via sensors and apps. With a single source of data, you not only have the flexibility to view dashboards and generate reports, but you also have the power to apply AI and machine learning algorithms to make proactive decisions that can reduce your turnaround times and improve asset utilisation.

Data captured through automated sensors and mobile apps ensure that your task information is true and auditable. With the use of advanced technology, the information remains secure and tamper-proof while minimising billing and payment disputes.

Improved operational efficiency and quality of service delivery

Rapid has an in-built rostering module that allows you to manage personnel information, create shifts and assign resources based on equipment type and skills.

With automated data capture and everyone using a single platform, you integrate your team across different stations with siloed working patterns. This will increase turnaround efficiency and make your quality of service consistent.

About TSI

Since its establishment in 1986, TSI has developed technology products and services for airlines, hotels, global distribution systems and large travel management companies. TSI pioneered the development of products based on IBM’s TPF and ZOS technologies that are used by several Fortune 500 companies.

TSI’s mission is to help the air transport sector improve its operational efficiency through streamlined processes, automation, real-time data insight, and actionable intelligence by leveraging emerging digital technologies.

Our team of 170 personnel is based in Raleigh, US; Chennai, India; Auckland, New Zealand; Dublin, Ireland; and Dubai, UAE.

We offer a 12-week pilot implementation for one airport to airlines and handlers. The pilot is designed to demonstrate how you can improve overall visibility and control across an airport.

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