SCADA systems transformed the management of automated plants in the 1950s. Now, 60 years later, mobile technology and enterprise mobility are shaping the way we work.

Applying this innovation to process automation, SCHAD has created EXTEND7000 mobile SCADA and mobile maintenance, a powerful set of engineering mobility tools that give plant engineers responsible for operations and maintenance activities, both SCADA notifications and full visibility and control of automation systems.

Process automation system for airports

Busy modern airports rely on process automation to ensure service operators meet important KPIs including the leave behind index (LBI). Unplanned downtime is expensive and impacts on revenue and customer satisfaction levels due to the inevitable travel disruption. There are many people that can benefit from the EXTEND7000 mobile SCADA system in the airport industry, including:

  • International and transit airports
  • Freight operators
  • Ground handling contractors
  • Baggage handling specialists
  • Facilities management
  • Airport operations
  • In-flight and catering services

Remote monitoring, control and maintenance of automated systems

Using EXTEND7000, authorised personnel are able to monitor, control and maintain automated systems remotely from anywhere within a facility or the outside world, using any mobile device.

EXTEND7000 mobile SCADA and mobile maintenance gives plant engineers responsible for operations and maintenance SCADA notifications and full visibility and control of automation systems.
Authorised personnel can operate EXTEND7000 with any mobile device.
EXTEND7000 allows authorised personnel to monitor and control multiple plants or warehouses from a central or remote site.

EXTEND7000 mobile SCADA interfaces to all leading SCADA systems, extending and enhancing existing monitoring functionality onto a mobile device. This gives both engineers and management complete visibility and full control of automated systems from the shop floor.

Traditional SCADA systems show you there might be a problem but EXTEND7000 also reduces downtime. It alerts the right people within seconds, directly reducing the time between an alarm being raised and an available, appropriately qualified engineer starting to fix the problem.

Mobile maintenance software

EXTEND7000 Mobile Maintenance further expands the software’s mobile SCADA capabilities with a maintenance module that integrates to all leading plant maintenance applications, including IBM Maximo and SAP PM.

Real-time mobile notifications and maintenance information

Using EXTEND7000, field-based engineers have a single, powerful gateway to both SCADA and maintenance systems. In this way, EXTEND7000 uniquely combines mobile SCADA notification and control with the ability to directly link to maintenance information, all in real-time and whilst on the go.

Automatic alert messages for maintaining automated systems

When a tag being monitored by EXTEND7000 meets a predefined notification condition, an alert message is triggered which is sent directly to engineering team members responsible for maintaining automated systems. From any location and within seconds of an issue occurring, EXTEND7000 mobile SCADA and mobile maintenance allows authorised personnel to:

  • Monitor and control multiple plants or warehouses from any location
  • Co-ordinate engineering maintenance activities remotely
  • Deliver SCADA notifications directly to the right engineer
  • Receive and process fault notifications
  • View systems remotely via CCTV
  • Directly control PLCs and change parameters
  • Access historical information and create real-time reports
  • Link SCADA notification and control to maintenance systems
  • Switch between SCADA events and maintenance activity
  • Update plant maintenance systems in real-time
  • Review documents, work orders and historical plant information relating to a SCADA notification
  • Create ad-hoc work orders in response to a SCADA event
  • Eliminate paperwork and manual data entry

Results show downtime can be reduced by up to 60% with a 25% improvement to service levels.