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Aviation Security Inspection Systems

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Rapiscan Systems is a global supplier of high-quality aviation security inspection systems, with a product portfolio which is flexible enough to cope with many different situations, from securing borders and hold baggage to guarding critical infrastructures.

The company has a proven track-record, having deployed over 70,000 systems in more than 100 countries. Rapiscan Systems’ work with security agencies, governments and customs organisations has helped to establish it as one of the leading providers in the security scanning market.

Baggage and parcel inspection, hold baggage screening and people screening

Rapiscan’s product set for the aviation industry is made up of baggage and parcel inspection, hold baggage screening and people screening, with a wide range of solutions available to suit the changing needs of the industry.

X-ray scanning systems

With one of the most advanced x-ray scanning systems available, all Rapiscan equipment benefits from dual-view technology, automated detection and superior, high-definition imaging.

Rapiscan Systems is a global supplier of high-quality aviation security inspection systems.
Our products can secure borders and hold baggage and guard critical infrastructures.
The company has deployed over 70,000 aviation security inspection systems in more than 100 countries.
Our people-screening metal detectors use the latest technology.

Our portfolio ranges from portable systems small enough to fit through standard doorways to powerful dual view systems designed to inspect freight pallet cargo and large parcels. The Windows-based operating system can differentiate between organic and inorganic material, and has advanced explosives and liquid threat detection.

Real-time tomography liquid-explosive detectors

Rapiscan has developed a real-time tomography (RTT) system, a revolutionary liquid explosive detection technology, with the superior detection capability of computerised tomography but the same throughput levels you can expect from X-rays: up to 1,800 bags per hour. Developed, designed and manufactured in the UK, the machine has no moving parts, which contributes to a lower overall cost of maintenance.

Rapiscan Systems works hard to help its customers meet and avert emerging security threats. Through continuous technology innovation, backed by its worldwide training, maintenance and support network, Rapiscan offers security systems that will always deliver a fully managed security solution, keeping up with the latest in technologies and regulations.

People-screening metal detectors

Our people-screening product line uses the latest technology to identify a wide range of threats, from shoe-shank discrimination to small quality liquids and non-metallic materials. All Rapiscan metal detectors comply with the latest aviation requirements, and more than 300 Rapiscan backscatter and 200mm-wave technology systems have been deployed in customs and corrections agencies.

Aviation security inspection systems manufacture and development

With manufacturing locations on three different continents, Rapiscan can offer custom solutions and price advantages at a regional level, with strategically located support centres to provide quick responses to new information requests, project management, systems installation and maintenance, training, and government regulatory support.

Because threats are constant and evolving, innovation in security needs to be continuous with new solutions ready to be deployed in any environment. Rapiscan Systems offers multi-layered security solutions to identify potential dangers and prevent damage.

ISO 9001:2000-certified aviation security inspection systems

All Rapiscan Systems technologies comply with applicable international health and safety regulations and are ISO 9001:2000-certified. Rapiscan products have received certifications from government agencies including the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the UK Department for Transport (DfT).

All Rapiscan products are backed by a worldwide training, maintenance and service organisation which is available to customers 24/7. Due to its global manufacturing capacity and strategy of continual innovation, customers worldwide turn to Rapiscan Systems for the most advanced security solutions.


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