GPS Perimeter Systems are experts in the provision of cost-effective security systems for detection of intruders outside – before they can do any damage. We can supply buried detection systems, fence mounted detection systems, infrared and microwave intruder detection equipment systems, as well as taut wire systems.

The careful application of externally mounted detectors can provide significant cost savings in terms of manpower, loss recovery and damage limitation, quickly recovering the initial capital outlay. Such detectors can also greatly enhance the safety of personnel working within potentially dangerous environments by detecting unauthorised entry into hazardous areas.

External aviation security detection systems

External perimeter detection systems have a more difficult environment than systems designed for the controlled environment found inside most premises.

The weather is variable and the site layout will be different for almost every site we have to consider. There may be a fence or a wall (or both), the site may slope or undulate, the shape of the perimeter will certainly be different and we may want to keep people in rather than out.

Buried differential pressure system being installed on an airfield.
Microwave barrier in a distribution application.
Typical application site for perimeter systems.
Stressed wire system protecting emergency generator equipment, linked to CCTV.

In aviation security the perimeters are extremely long and there may be a requirement to protect certain strategic locations within the perimeter, rather than the complete perimeter. Both are, of course, possible.

Intruder detection system interface

It is also necessary to consider the interface with existing facilities, in particular CCTV surveillance systems, so that the correct response is generated in any particular situation.

From this it is obvious that it is unlikely that one system can cope with all the variables and that some experience in the application of systems is essential before any buying decision is made.

Differential pressure systems for perimeter protection and microwave systems for movement detection

To cope with all these variations GPS Perimeter Systems has a range of solutions to match the specific requirements of each site, together with the experience in how to apply the systems for the best effect.

  • GPS – a buried differential pressure system designed to give invisible perimeter protection under a wide variety of surfaces
  • PPS – another buried system using the differential pressure technique but with the ability to identify the point of intrusion down to ±5m
  • CPS – a fence mounted detection system using a microphonic cable to detect disturbances in the fence due to intrusion attempts
  • IPS – active infrared beam system to provide an invisible barrier for detection of intruders
  • WPS – an intelligent stressed wire perimeter system, sometimes called taut wire, which can be used with or without existing fences and on the top of walls and roofs
  • ERMO – digital, bistatic (transmit/receive) microwave barriers providing an invisible volumetric detection pattern for long straight perimeters
  • ARMIDOR – a single ended, digital Doppler microwave detector for high security movement detection in open areas

These solutions are applied to an enormous variety of sites all over the world including prisons, military bases, airports, utilities and even residential sites.

MX2000 Management control system for gathering site monitoring information

We offer different technology solutions for different applications, sometimes mixing systems on a single site if this the most cost-effective answer. Where mixed systems are necessary we use our MX2000 management control system to gather all the information from the detection systems and interface to the CCTV and site monitoring systems.

We have extensive experience in the application of all of these products, both by direct use and through the extensive international projects we have been involved with.