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Airfield Ground Lighting, Gate Docking and Air Traffic Control Solutions

A global player in delivering airport performance, ADB SAFEGATE aims to be the first-choice partner to airports by offering unmatched capabilities in airport ground movement and visual guidance.

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A global player in delivering airport performance, ADB SAFEGATE aims to be the first-choice partner to airports by offering unmatched capabilities in airport ground movement and visual guidance. By enabling airports to operate more safely, efficiently and sustainably, we deliver superior airport performance from approach to departure.

From this experience, we know that we can help airports resolve their most pressing challenges quickly and smoothly, with the right blend of technology and solutions. Our specialist focus in the airfields, towers and gates, together with a holistic view, enables us to look at an airport’s problems differently.

Safer, more efficient and sustainable airfield lighting

Airfield lighting is vital for ATC to provide sufficient visual guidance for pilots to land, taxi and take-off safely and efficiently. Including intelligence in the airfield lighting opens up new operability capabilities in terms of active guidance and monitoring for multiple stakeholders.

A pioneer in LED AGL, ADB SAFEGATE has the widest range of unique and maintenance-friendly LED AGL, light control and monitoring systems, and power architectures and equipment that enables airports to go all-LED and dramatically improve airfield availability, performance, safety and energy savings.

A total of 80% of airport accidents occur at the gate and apron area. The company offers ICAO-compliant advanced visual docking guidance systems to improve apron and gate safety and shorten turn-around times. ADB Safegate has installed 7,000 Safedocks worldwide.
ADB Safegate offers ICAO and FAA-compliant SESAR / NextGen, futureproof light control and monitoring solutions. With more than 60 years experience in AFL, ADB Safegate’s wide range of LED airfield lighting is in operation at more than 2,000 airports. ADB has installed more than 800,000 LED lights.
ADB Safegate provides complete ATC solutions operating aircraft movements from approach to departure. The system-integrated, secure systems are present in more than 260 towers.
ADB Safegate has more than 20 years of expertise in maintenance services, including AGL design, auditing and surveying, and project management. The company’s facility management solutions have been implemented at leading airports in the Middle East.

Automated and efficient docking systems for airport gates

Not only is it crucial to shorten aircraft turnaround time to improve on-time performance, it is also necessary to minimise the risk of accidents in busy gate and apron areas where people, aircraft and ground vehicles are in constant motion.

Ground safety is a top priority for any airport. Minimising the risk of accidents in the gate and apron area where there is continuous flow of people, aircraft and ground vehicles is therefore crucial. ADB SAFEGATE’s installed base of over 7,000 safe docking systems includes some of the world’s busiest airports.

Our ICAO-compliant, automated platforms for safe docking and apron management equip pilots with real-time intelligence on gate and apron movements. Our enhanced integration and data sharing capabilities and apron lighting solutions increase productivity, reduce turnaround times and operation costs, and provide safer yet more efficient gate operations and apron management.

Air traffic control tower solutions

Air traffic controllers tackle some of the most complex considerations while routing and guiding aircrafts to safety. Our ATC solutions are installed at more than 260 towers, and are helping air traffic controllers find the most efficient routes from touchdown to gate. We integrate these with related systems to enable air traffic controllers to gain full control over aircraft and vehicle movement from approach to departure, and future-proof an airport’s traffic management.

Data-harvesting and visualisation to improve operational efficiency

Analysing the massive amount of data available from gates, auxiliary equipment, surveillance, stop bars and tower systems enables you to find areas of improvement leading to a more efficient and predictable turnaround processes.

Airport services and maintenance for greater availability, safety and performance

With experience spanning more than 20 years in services and support, ADB Safegate understands that airports require a variety of technical support services, including maintenance and training. Our portfolio is able to meet all airport needs from concept of operations (CONOPS), to gate and AFL design, to audit and survey, project management and various maintenance packages.

ADB SAFEGATE offers one of the industry’s most extensive airport operations product and service portfolios as the foundation for fully integrated solutions to support airport development. Using our operational know-how, we enable all parts of an airport to work together as one to increase airport performance, from approach to departure.

ADB SAFEGATE’s experience at leading airports in Asia and Middle East including Lahore, Abu Dhabi, Hamad International, Kuala Lumpur and Taiwan Taoyuan, enables us to manage projects end-to-end.

Our consultative approach backed by the necessary market and situational analysis to plan, design and manage each aspect, helps us offer the best, most future-proof and often, cost-effective solution. We take the lead, but also work with partners where needed, to ensure all the elements work cohesively, and increase aircraft movements in a safe and efficient way.


ADB SAFEGATE brings together the complementary strengths of two market-leading airport visual guidance brands, formerly ADB Group and SAFEGATE Group. The new company is owned by European private equity firm PAI Partners. Our cumulative experience spans more than 100 years, and we have supported over 2,000 airports worldwide.

Our diverse team of more than 900 world-class professionals, supported by over 60 highly experienced business partners, is helping airports find answers to difficult questions that nearly every airport asks at some point in time. We are responsive and resourceful, relying on a consultative approach to analyse each airport’s specific situation, and jointly determine new and more cost-effective ways to deliver a superior airport experience.

Today, ADB SAFEGATE has a strategic sales presence in more than 35 locations worldwide, and a production and engineering footprint in six countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the US.


Press Releases


  • Victoria Falls International Airport

    Victoria Falls International Airport (VFIA) is one of the main airports in Zimbabwe. The airport is located 18km away from the town of Victoria Falls and mainly serves the tourism industry, handling long distance flights from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Products & services

  • Preparation, Installation and Maintenance Services

    ADB SAFEGATE has a steadily growing and innovative services portfolio and its services start long before the installation of any products or systems. The base for all projects is a preparation phase, in which all the calculations and assessments are carried out in cooperation with the customer.

  • Raising Safety and Throughput with Smarter ATC Systems

    The integrated system puts together all relevant information that the controller needs to make the correct decision and manage traffic flow. By harmonising the operational process, the system takes on non-critical tasks to reduce the controller workload and improve safety. For congested airports, this frees up unused capacity where traffic expansion might otherwise not have been possible.

  • Systems for Automated Gate Operations

    Systems from ADB SAFEGATE allow you to automate gate operations through integration and data sharing, thereby improving operational efficiency and the turnaround process, in addition to improving safety.

  • Airfield Ground Lighting

    Airfield ground lighting (AGL) for visual guidance is at the heart of airfield operations. 'Intelligent' lighting makes the visual guiding process easier and improves situational awareness by switching lights on and off according to information shared by airfield surveillance and aircraft tracking systems. This allows for optimised aircraft routing to and from gates and a more efficient traffic flow, while maintaining or even raising the level of safety.

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