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Wildlife/Drone Management and Consulting for Airports

Falcon Environmental Inc. (FALCON) is a leader in wildlife and drone management, serving airports, landfills, and various other environments.

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Falcon Environmental Inc. (FALCON) stands at the forefront of wildlife and drone management, offering its unmatched services to airports, landfills, and various other environments. With over three decades of experience, FALCON has cultivated a strong reputation built on trust, excellence, and innovation.

FALCON has earned the trust of a diverse clientele by providing top-tier services, driven by a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals. The company’s journey began with a commitment to addressing the challenges of cohabitation between humans and wildlife. Over the years, FALCON has harnessed cutting-edge tools and strategies to consistently deliver measurable results. Leveraging its extensive experience in airport operations, FALCON has responded with innovative, safety-focused approaches and technological solutions, enabling its clients to comply with, and often surpass, aviation laws and regulations.

FALCON’s distinguished team comprises expert biologists, technicians, and drone pilots who diligently work together to provide comprehensive solutions aimed at minimising the risks of wildlife and drone strikes to aircraft. FALCON offers a comprehensive suite of turnkey services, including wildlife risk assessments, wildlife management plans, integrated wildlife management programs, airport management training, wildlife management reporting software, drone services and control, and more. The company currently operates across Canada, the United States, and Central America.

FALCON is a responsible corporate partner, supporting aviation safety and engaging in outreach programs. The company is committed to using its extensive knowledge and resources towards the identification and application of the most effective ethical and ecological solutions for airports, born from tradition and innovation. Nature conservation is also a priority and FALCON actively participates in conservation efforts to help protect birds of prey and their habitats.

Dedicated to protecting birds of prey and their habitats, FALCON actively engages in conservation efforts. Our commitment extends beyond management services, fostering a harmonious coexistence between these majestic creatures and aviation.
Leading from the forefront, our management team blends experience with innovation. Committed to excellence, they drive FALCON's mission of providing unmatched wildlife and drone management services.
Avian radar, Aeroscope, and radio frequency systems- FALCON employs cutting-edge technology to enhance wildlife hazard detection. Our radar-guided visual confirmation ensures a comprehensive approach, safeguarding skies from potential threats.
Meet our skilled team of biologists, technicians, and drone pilots. Together, they form a united front against wildlife hazards, combining expertise and passion to ensure the safety of both aviators and local wildlife.
Airport Wildlife Management Training at FALCON is adaptable and comprehensive. Whether online or in-person, our programs equip professionals with the latest knowledge, regulatory compliance strategies, and Safety Management Systems for effective wildlife control.
Our humane trapping methods, guided by decades of expertise, ensure safe removal of wildlife from airports. We prioritise precision and compassion in every intervention, minimising risks for both animals and aircraft.
Leading from the forefront, our management team blends experience with innovation. Committed to excellence, they drive FALCON's mission of providing unmatched wildlife and drone management services.
FALCON's expertise in wildlife hazard management and risk assessments spans across more than 50 airports in three countries. We ensure compliance with international standards, providing tailored solutions to mitigate risks and enhance aviation safety.

Airport wildlife management training

FALCON’S flexible programs are designed for both civilian and military airports and cater to a wide range of professionals, including airport managers, wildlife control officers, firefighters, and more.

Available in both in-person and online formats, FALCON’S training covers various aspects, such as regulatory compliance, wildlife control methods, safety management systems, key performance indicators (KPIs) for program evaluation, and drafting wildlife management plans.

Wildlife hazard management programs and risk assessments for airports

FALCON has designed over 70 programs for more than 50 airports in three countries, incorporating the latest best practices and wildlife management tools. In addition to its wildlife management programmes, the company also provides open-source SMS-based risk analysis software.

FALCON has extensive experience working with both government and privately-owned aerodromes to ensure that they comply with international standards. In addition, the company also meets the ICAO Airport Certification standards (Doc 9774, 2001) for addressing the implementation of wildlife management requirements.

Technological hazard detection and drones

To provide its customers with the highest quality products, FALCON continually explores and employs advanced detection methods using the latest technological advancements, including avian radar, Aeroscope, radio frequency systems, and radar-guided visual confirmation. Multi-sensor integration is also used to enhance clients’ awareness of wildlife and drone hazards.

To counteract drone threats, FALCON offers drone detection and mitigation services, rapid response protocols, and tools to prevent drone incursions. The company’s fleet of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) serves many purposes, including wildlife detection and mapping, along with wildlife control using fixed-wing drones.

Software programs for aviation safety

FALCON’s Wildlife Management System (WMS) is a versatile software used in airports across the world for streaming reporting. The WMS enables users to efficiently record, organise, and report activities in real-time across various devices. Using a cloud database, the WMS is able to generate instant alerts and automate reporting in customised formats. It can also provide data interpretation and visualise key performance indicators, using diagrams and graphs to identify wildlife strike ‘hot spots’.

About Falcon Environmental

With over three decades of experience, Falcon Environmental Inc. possesses expertise that extends well beyond airport-related services, encompassing environmental consulting, specialised training, collaboration with expert councils, and active participation in endangered wildlife conservation efforts. FALCON’S educational outreach programs aim to foster awareness and inspire people of all ages to value and safeguard birds. The company’s knowledge, passion and dedication are all driven by its excellent team of experts.

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