Ink works with airlines, airports, and ground handlers to improve passenger journeys by making the airport experience seamless.

Ink solves problems others cannot solve in the required time, with the required flexibility. Its unique ecosystem of mobile passenger handling systems and self-service hardware, blockchain, biometrics, and digital identity form part of a modern departure control platform.

Streamlining processes, upgrading airport operations, and unlocking additional capacity within constrained terminal spaces are some of the services Ink provides to airports. Airline customers benefit from reduced aircraft fuel consumption and improved On Time Performance on the ramp.

Ink partners with its customers to deliver effective solutions, regardless of the size of the operations.

Mobile passenger services for check-in, bag drop and boarding

Passengers hate queuing. Yet queues are exactly what people expect at airports. Mobile passenger services for check-in, bag drop and boarding gates give your agents the freedom to serve customers wherever they are. With everything they need in the palm of their hand, agents can walk along queues processing passengers faster.

Ink products are designed to greatly reduce (and even eliminate) waiting times; equipping your agents with the tools they need to deliver a memorable passenger experience.

Cost savings across your operation

With existing technology and processes it’s difficult to make the departure process more efficient. Ink makes it easy. Our modern tools will not only help you speed up the passenger flow; you’ll also discover a host of cost-saving opportunities, including:

  • Reduced need for expensive fixed equipment
  • Less desk space required at check-in and bag drop
  • Reduced baggage delays at boarding
  • Significant process simplification
  • Reduced training costs with simple, intuitive tools
  • Fewer agents required to handle passengers
  • Elimination of Type B messaging bills
  • Reduction of fines and penalties
  • Easy migration from costly CUTE platforms

All of these cost reductions, coupled with our highly competitive pricing, meaning you can achieve a rapid return on investment.

Easy integration and great technical support

We know change can be daunting. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to improve processes and adopt new technology. Our proven implementation process means a hassle-free integration.

Typically, it takes just three to four weeks of development to integrate with your CRS or other systems. Our technical engineers will work with any bespoke or industry protocol, interface, API, or SDK. And what’s more, we do not charge you for integration.

Reliability of infrastructure is critical and we take the responsibility very seriously. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 99.99% server uptime. And in the unlikely event you experience an issue, you have access to 24/7 expert technical support.

The company systems run in over 100 airports, handling more than 30 million passengers per year for over 100 airlines.

Headquartered in Spain, Ink operates worldwide, partnering with clients such as Copenhagen Airport, KLM, Jet2, La Compagnie, Flyr, Lift, Menzies Aviation, and Sabre.

Ink is also ISO 27001 certified and an IATA Partner and ACI Partner