VOLK is one of the leading German manufacturers of tow tractors and platform trucks with diesel, electric or hybrid drive. VOLK is well-known both for its award-winning innovative products and its high quality craftsmanship.

While the company has a long tradition in serving customers from the automotive and manufacturing industry, it is now successfully expanding into the airport business, which is served by its brand VOLKgse.

Nowadays, the competitive environment of ground handling service providers is increasingly characterized by high cost pressures and frequent, often discontinuous changes in operating conditions. VOLK has a proven track record in meeting these challenges since its long-term customers have always been at the cutting edge when it comes to reducing logistics costs and increasing productivity.

One excellent example that substantiates this claim is the company’s award-winning VOLK hybrid tractor. While hybrid tow tractors have been around on airports for quite some time, there is currently no hybrid tractor that matches the high productivity / low downtime capacities of the all-new VOLK hybrid tractors.

VOLK hybrid tractors with 20t to 40t towing capacity – meeting your requirements both outdoors on spacious airport grounds and in indoor baggage handling areas.
The innovative VOLK POWER PACK® system helps you to cut downtimes substantially.
VOLK hybrid tractors – in service on Europe's airports.
VOLK diesel tractors with 12t to 60t towing capacity.
VOLK electric tractors with up to 50t towing capacity and a spacious platform.
VOLK hybrid tow tractors

While conventional hybrid tow tractors tend to spend long hours in the workshop for regularly recurring maintenance work on their diesel engine, VOLK hybrid tractors busily run up and down the apron, while these jobs are being done. This is
possible because they are fitted with the innovative VOLK POWER PACK® system – a quick-change module that incorporates diesel engine, generator, starter battery and starter and can be easily exchanged in less than 5min.

Due to this modular set-up, drivers can just drop the module off in the workshop for maintenance jobs and be fully operational again in less than 5min – either with a replacement VOLK POWER PACK® unit or even with no unit at all. This is possible because the tractor can still be used as a full-function electric tractor even without the VOLK POWER PACK® unit.

These advantages have not only convinced renowned engineering and business experts, resulting in multiple innovation awards in a row, but also airport practitioners, resulting in more than 80 units being sold in recent months.

Diesel tractors

The VOLKgse product range also includes diesel tractors with 20t to 60t towing capacity. They are made from high quality components and feature an extremely sturdy design. Thus they withstand even the toughest strains – lastingly. VOLK diesel tractors are suited for baggage and cargo handling as well as for light to medium-sized aircraft pushback.

Electric tow tractors

VOLKgse offers a large variety of electric tractors with towing capacities ranging from 3.5t up to 50t.

VOLKgse‘s medium to heavy electric tractors can not only be used to tow baggage carts or cargo trailers with a total weight of 20t to 50t; they also feature a spacious loading area which can be used to transport last-minute baggage swiftly to the aircraft. They come with a solid, zinc-dipped frame, thus preventing corrosion.

The small tow tractors with 3.5t to 12t towing capacity feature compact dimensions, a narrow turning circle and a high degree of tilting safety thanks to their 4-wheel design. They can be equipped with batteries with a capacity of up to 24V / 920Ah or 48V / 330Ah and thus have a driving range unparalleled in this class.

VOLKgse airport ground service equipment – at your service

A wide choice of options enables optimization of the VOLKgse ground service equipment for different purposes and operating conditions. If you have a special application, just ask us and we will offer you a vehicle that is tailored exactly to your needs. To provide you with maximum flexibility, we also offer customized leasing or rental arrangements.