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Unilode Aviation Solutions

Outsourced ULD Management and MRO Solutions and Galley Cart Repair Services for the Aviation Industry

Unilode manages one of the largest independent global fleets of approximately 120,000 Unit Load Devices (ULDs) providing outsourced ULD management solutions for more than 40 airline customers.

Steinackerstrasse 2,
8302 Kloten,

Steinackerstrasse 2,
8302 Kloten,

Unilode manages one of the largest independent global fleets of approximately 120,000 Unit Load Devices (ULDs) providing outsourced ULD management solutions for more than 40 airline customers.

The company also operates one of the world’s largest repair networks for containers, pallets and galley carts.

Unit load device (ULD) management

Unilode’s ULD management and supply solutions allow airlines to reduce costs, increase operational benefits and focus on their core business of flying passengers and cargo. The company provides tailor-made outsourcing solutions to meet the specific needs of customers’ businesses and enhance their operations.

Unilode supplies ULDs in an airworthy condition to meet specific client requirements. The company works closely with airlines to deliver total cost of ownership (TCO) clarity through initial cost auditing and analysis, as well as provide the right solution for their network, either through Unilode’s container and pallet pool or dedicated ULD fleet.

Cost-effective, scalable and flexible ULD solutions for airports

Unilode provides an initial capital injection for customers by acquiring their ULD fleet, and then removes future capital expenditure (CAPEX) requirements by purchasing containers and pallets for fleet growth and replacement.

Customers pay an all-inclusive fee per month for each ULD, which also includes the maintenance and repair of containers and pallets to meet certified industry standards. Unilode’s smart ULD solutions enhance flexibility for airlines by allowing them to make scalable and flexible ULD stock adjustments to accommodate changes to their network or aircraft fleets.

Unilode has converted its entire fleet of LD3 containers used by passenger airlines to lightweight units, which increase cargo capacity and revenue and reduce carbon emission by 30%, as well as decrease maintenance and repair costs.

ULD and galley cart maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) solutions

Unilode is one of the world’s leading ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair services provider, operating a network of 50 certified repair stations, 30 of which are owned by the company. Unilode’s maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) solutions remove the burden and unnecessary costs of shipping damaged equipment back to the airline’s hub and increase space for revenue-generating cargo.

Unilode guarantees the quality and airworthiness of containers, pallets and in-flight food service equipment, and ensures that customers gain accurate insight into the repair process.

The company’s regional management teams, skilled technicians, strong original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships for technical and spare parts support, and CAA, CAAS, CASA, EASA and FAA Part 145 certifications ensure fast turnaround times and cost-effective services.

Unilode can also provide a tracking system for galley carts, which is part of ACTIS, Unilode’s unique proprietary software programme that runs on tablets and delivers total cost of ownership clarity, including full visibility on parts usage and labour costs.

In addition to the core ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair solutions, Unilode also offers container assembly, ground support equipment (GSE) and pallet net repair services.

About Unilode

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Unilode employs 580 aviation professionals across more than 40 locations and serves 450 airports. The company’s roots stretch back to the original ULD management pioneer, Unitpool, which introduced the ULD outsourcing concept to the aviation industry in 2002.

After nearly a decade, Unitpool merged with ULD and galley cart repair and maintenance specialists Driessen Services, JMI Aerospace and Airworld to become CHEP Aerospace Solutions in 2011. In November 2016, the company was acquired by leading private equity group EQT and rebranded as Unilode Aviation Solutions.

We look forward to finding out more about your business needs and showing you how we can deliver smarter ULD and in-flight equipment solutions. For more information on our complete ULD management solutions, or to know more about our ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair services, contact our experienced team today using the form below.

LATAM ULD Fleet to be Fully Digitised by Unilode

LATAM Cargo Group and Unilode Aviation Solutions are enhancing their collaboration through the roll-out of Unilode's state-of-the-art ULD digital tracking solution to LATAM's entire ULD fleet.

Unilode Successfully Completes Trials for In-Flight Tracking Solution

One of the global leaders in outsourced unit load device (ULD) management and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) solutions, Unilode Aviation Solutions has achieved another important milestone in the implementation of its award-winning digital transformation programme.

Korean Air Awards ULD Management Agreement to Unilode

Korean Air, one of the world's leading airlines and a founding member of SkyTeam, has awarded the management of its entire fleet of more than 16,000 containers and pallets to Unilode Aviation Solutions for a five-year term.

Unilode Accelerates Digital Transformation for the Aviation Industry 

Unilode has unveiled its plans to accelerate the digital transformation for ULD management solutions by bringing to the market a ULD tracking solution based on a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag fully embedded into the structure of the ULDs, which is supported by a global interoperable reader infrastructure. 

Unilode Expands its Global ULD Repair Network

Unilode Aviation Solutions has further expanded its global repair network by opening a new FAA Part 145 certified repair centre at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG) airport.

Unilode Aviation Solutions

Steinackerstrasse 2

8302 Kloten