Dynell’s high efficiency, performance and reliability aviation ground support equipment has been supplied to airports and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) hangars worldwide.

The innovative product range includes a groundbreaking concept for 400Hz and 28VDC solid-state or diesel ground power units, pre-conditioned air systems and various connection systems such as cable coils, cable carriers or customised pit solutions.

Charging stations for battery-operated ground support equipment (GSE) vehicles complete Dynell’s portfolio and contribution to global decarbonisation with the use of CO₂-neutral GSE.

Dynell provides ground support equipment for airports, hangars and airlines.
Dynell's diesel ground power units are available as trailers or skid-mounted units.
Dynell's DMC line of connectors and various cables for ground power units.
Pre-conditioned air (PCA) units can be fixed, bridge or mobile mounted.
Dynell provides cable coil systems for airport ground power units.
Hatch pit and pop-up pit solutions have been supplied worldwide with various configurations.
Solid-state ground power units can be supplied ranging from 22.5kVA to 180kVA.

Dynell integrates future trends such as remote maintenance, human-machine interface (HMI) control and monitoring as standard to raise the availability of the products to a new level. A team of experts with comprehensive industry knowledge work daily to optimise the overall system availability.

Comprehensive ground support systems for airports

Dynell’s product range includes:

  • DSF/DSB/DSM: solid-state ground power units: 22.5kVA to 180kVA up to centralised systems (400Hz, 28VDC and 270VDC – fixed or mobile unit)
  • DDM/DDS: diesel ground power units: 60kVA to 180kVA (trailer or skid mounted unit)
  • DAF/DAB/DAM: pre-conditioned air units: 30T to 120T (fixed or mobile unit)
  • DCB/DCF: 400Hz cable coil and DCA, PCA coil system
  • DPH/DPP: various pit systems (hatch or pop-up pit system, either counterweight or electrical type)
  • DCC: cable carriers up to four 400Hz cables
  • DCM: cable carts for 400Hz cables or PCA hoses
  • DHC: DC battery charging system: 75kW to 300kW
  • DMC: 400Hz connectors and various 400Hz and 28VDC cables

Solid-state ground power units for airports and hangars

Dynell’s solid-state unit sets a new benchmark in the ground equipment industry by combining a robust design with the latest inverter technology to optimise availability and reduce lifecycle costs with 95.5% efficiency compared with conventional converter units. This efficiency allows airports to cut costs by several hundred Euros per year compared to conventional converter units.

The products can be individually placed and are offered in the following versions:

  • DSF 090 solid-state fixed unit
  • DSB solid-state bridge unit
  • DSM solid-state mobile unit

Due to the innovative Dynell Inverter Module (DIM) power concept, a bi-directional inverter module built with the latest semiconductor technology, each module has a power output rating of 22.5kVA and can be specifically scaled according to the customer request up to 180kVA. DIMs are fully redundant and designed as plug-and-play modules that cuts downtime with a change out time of less than 30 seconds.

Highlights of our innovative solid-state converters include:

  • Efficiency exceeding 95.5% at nominal load of 90kVA, even in lower loads over 93.5% efficiency
  • Fully redundant solid-state unit in case one DIM fails
  • Due to modular design, scalable from 22.5kVA up to 180kVA with several outputs
  • All components are based on plug-and-play design for lowest repairing time
  • Heat run at 56°C for more than eight hours at 90kVA and PF1 – TÜV certified
  • Input current distortion of less than 2% – TÜV certified
  • Output voltage quality (total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 1%) – TÜV certified
  • Lowest weight in the market
  • Remote service and maintenance as standard

Diesel ground power units

Dynell’s DDM diesel-driven ground power units are built to last with a 400Hz power output range of 60kVA to 180kVA and combinable with simultaneous 28VDC power output up to 2,500A max.

A highly efficient single-bearing generator is coupled with latest engine technology running at a speed of 1,846rpm and guarantees an optimum efficiency of the engine (EU stage II, IIIA, V and US EPA 2, 3, 4 final).

The DDM is managed by a completely new intuitive HMI, which is a hybrid operational panel and withstands even the harshest conditions at the apron. Due to a 3G modem as standard, remote service and maintenance reduces downtime and ensure quick on-site troubleshooting.

Pre-conditioned air units

Dynell supplies fixed, bridge or mobile mounted pre-conditioned air (PCA) units, which can be offered within a range of 30t to 120t. They can be manufactured either as direct expansion DX boost technology units, combined with chillers or specialised CO₂-free standalone chilled water solutions.

Cable and PCA coil systems for boarding bridges or apron mounted

The DCB is a durable stainless-steel 400Hz cable coil designed specifically for use at apron and boarding bridges whereas the DAB, a PCA hose coil, focuses on lowest weight with its aluminium design. The innovative twisted cable concept of the DCB optimises service cycles.

A high-quality variable frequency drive guarantees longest reliability, and the easy and fast replacement of the cable or PCA hose minimises overall service costs.

Aircraft pit systems

Dynell’s pit systems are customised according to specific customer requirements, specifically used for airport terminals, remote parking areas or hangar solutions.

Hatch pit and pop-up pit solutions have been supplied all over the world with various configurations such as 400Hz or 28VDC power, PCA hose application, electrical equipment, and other accessories.

It can be opened with a single touch. All the required ground accessories are available by the side of the aircraft, meaning the aircraft or helicopter can be easily, quickly and safely connected to the 400Hz/28VDC ground power or PCAs.

Dynell’s pit systems are designed based on F-900 load class, sandy or even extreme humid conditions. This system is the perfect choice to reduce the number of equipment required at the apron and reduce the overall footprint of the aircraft area.

Vehicle charging systems

The Dynell DC fast charging systems DHC are scalable from 75kW up to 300kW to quickly charge battery-driven vehicles such as cars, buses, electric ground power units (E-GPU), tractors, and pushbacks. They can be combined with AC chargers to offer a hybrid charging solution for various battery requirements and charging cycles.

Combined with a backend and load management system, these charging systems can be prioritised based on the daily charging cycles among the fleet and intelligently reduce the overall electrical power consumption of the airport.

About Dynell

Dynell was founded by a team of industry experts with years of industry knowledge and an innovative mindset. We aim to revolutionise the supply of ground support equipment.

As a system provider and integrator, we work closely with our clients to find the best suitable solution from our product range. High performance, efficiency and reliability define our products and the team behind them. Get in touch using the enquiry form on this page to find your preferred solution.